Tiffany Vandre-Lothe


My name is Tiffany Vandre-Lothe.  Many people call me Tiff for short.  This is my seventh year at Marcy, and sixth being in room 106 as a 1st/2nd Grade Teacher. I'm very excited to welcome back last year's 106 1st graders, and eager to meet and introduce our new friends joining us this year for 2nd grade!

I have both a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Education from The University of Minnesota.  I'm originally from Stevens Point, Wisconsin and recently got engaged to my best friend, Brendan, who is also from Wisconsin.  Needless to say, we spend every Sunday cheering on the Green Bay Packers during football season (sorry Vikings fans)!

I spent my summer nannying for an amazing family, spending time with family and friends, seeing live music, cooking, and exploring the city.  We usually travel quite a bit every summer but spent it pretty close to home this year (...weddings are EXPENSIVE! haha...).  Looking ahead, we are hoping our next big trip will be to India over winter break!  

Every school year we start the year thinking about our goals, or "hopes and dreams," as we call them.  My hope and dream for this school year is to help strengthen existing friendships, and to facilitate new ones among all students so they have fun learning and growing together.  I strive to foster a classroom community where learning is exciting, fun, and comfortable for all students.  

Please keep in touch with me throughout the year!  The best way to reach me is by email as I check it multiple times a day, but I'm also available by phone.  I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with all of you this year!

Peace and Love,

"Holding the moon" atop a mountain in Montana!