2002 - Tommy


"Tommy" takes place in London, England around the time of 1940-1970. Tommy's Father, Capt. John walker has been captured by the German military. His  mother,  Mrs. Walker is pregnant with Tommy when John is gone.  The time is 1944, 4 years after Tommy has been born. Capt. Walker has not returned yet and Mrs. walker started a new life with another man. Upon Mrs. Walker's 21st. Birthday, Capt. Walker comes home unexpectedly. So Capt. Walker and the so called "Man" Mrs. Walker was starting a new life with begin to fight. Capt. Walker hit's the man over the head and the man dies. But while that was all happening 4 year old Tommy saw it through a mirror. Now this is where the strange part comes in, Tommy's parents tell him never to tell a sole what you saw or heard. So begins the life of the Deaf Dumb and Blind boy living through his vibrant dreams never grasping the things they tell him or anything around him until one day his cousin Keven introduces him to pinball. Tommy becomes a local celebrity and he seems to respond to pinball ,but how, al l of the Doctors don't know neither do  the Holistic healers who tommy also sought treatment  from. Tommy is taken to anothor doctor who says he can cure Tommy's problem he has tommy undergo tests which prove nothing. until the doctor notices Tommy staring at the mirror in his office. The walkers leave  and Tommy does nothing but stare at a mirror all day for quite awhile but this begins to ware the Walkers nerves thin.One day out of desperation Mrs. Walker smashes the mirror which Tommy has been gazing at as the shock wears off Tommy is able to see speak and hear.  Tommy is hailed as a hero and worshiped by the masses he begins a camp to teach young people the things he saw in his head his parents make a ton of money as does his uncle  then he just stops  his teaching and goes home