Marvin Boucher -- Room 213
Mr. B

Salutations! I would like to take this time to say, " Risks are taken when we want to learn something new." Today I am taking that risk into the world of technology that I fear. My name is Mr Boucher. I am in my fourth year here at Marcy making this my 21st year in the district and 31st overall. I am Married with two children, Alyssa and Andrew. I am a coach of wrestling, football, baseball and fastpitch softball. I love the outdoors. More to come. Levers and PulleysIn "Levers and Pulleys" students learn basic concepts of mechanics using two of the six simple machines: Levers and pulleys.  They gain first-hand experience with effort, load, fulcrum, and mechanical advantage.  (4 activities) 


LandformsThe "Landforms" module develops concepts in physical geography and mapping.  Students use stream tables to simulate the creation of landforms.  They then create and use topographic maps that describe landforms.   (5 activities) 


The "Environments" module introduces students to a variety of different plants and animals and their environments.  Structured investigations in both terrestrial and aquatic systems develop the concepts of environmental factor, tolerance, environmental preference, and environmental range.  (6 activities)

We are also working on Data Collection for Forcus and Motion which falls into gravity and NEWTON'S LAWS. 

My 4th period class,second group of sixth graders, are working on collecting data related to guppies and their DNA. They are also doing a research paper that involves them reading about their interest in the subject. The paper should reflect their interest only so that it shows they wanted to learn something for themselves and not what I want.