Health and Wellness - 6th Grade

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Course Description:  Students live in an environment today in which they are faced with many difficult decisions and do not yet have all of the tools necessary to make the right decisions.   The Health and Wellness class for Marcy 6th Graders will include Physical Education and Health and Wellness concepts over the course of the year.    Some of these units were introduced in 5th grade Health


·      Fitness and Goal Setting

·      Physical Activities for Life-long activity

·      Nutrition

·      Anatomy and Physiology (body systems)

·      Bullying Prevention

·      Personal Safety

·      Relationships


*Students will have Health and Wellness class every 3 days on a rotating basis.  There will be a combination of physical activity and classroom learning activities.  Students will know ahead of time if they need clothing for activity based learning


Required Materials

Planner          Writing utensil          Folder (supplied)      Positive attitude   Gym Schools and appropriate Clothing for activity.  



The majority of work will be done in class.  If homework is assigned, due dates will be clearly assigned.  Students should expect no more than 30 minutes of homework a week.  Research based assignments will be given additional time to complete.   


Health and Wellness homework help

Arrangements can be made before or after school for additional help.  We  can be contacted in class or by email.


Re-do’s, Retakes, Revisions

Students may revise their work or re-take a learning target assessment in order to demonstrate increased learning and understanding of an assignment or project.   Students needing additional time for assignments may request this.  








Standards-based grading (SBG)

The purpose of standards based grading is to align grading with the mastery of state content standards as measured by consistent student achievement data and common criteria for grading.  The primary goal of SBG is to better communicate what each student knows and is able to do, as well as to inform the teacher, student and parent what may be the next steps for areas of growth.



                        4                                  3                                  2                                              1

            Exemplary                Proficient                  Partially proficient             Not proficient

            Wow!                          On target                    Almost there                          Keep trying

            No errors                    Complete                    Errors detract from mastery  Not accurate

            Fully developed         Few Errors                 Progressing                            Inappropriate

            Fully supported         Meets criteria                        Meets some criteria              Does not meet criteria

            Exceeds criteria         Adequately developed        Partially supported               minimally supported

            Sophisticated                         Satisfactory skills       Partial understanding          Inadequate or incomplete

            Understanding                                              Not yet mastered                  Beginning level mastery


Classwork/homework (including class discussions), projects, presentations, tests and quizzes are all included in assessment.  Health is a skill-based course, so participation  in practice scenarios is important and will be graded as presentations.   Rubrics will be provided for projects/presentations and group work.




Projects 15%               Homework/classwork 15%           Classroom expectations 20 %                     Participation & attendance 50 %



In order to help concentrate on learning, rather than grades, one can think of the categories of classwork, discussion and formative assessments (such as activities and scenarios) as practice in class.  Tests and quizzes show mastery of smaller concepts and skills that are part of the concepts being presented.  Presentations and projects show understanding of the larger connects.  Homework is practice or review that is done at home.  If students miss class please come and  see me to check in and make sure that vital work or discussions have not been missed.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


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