Ruling the World As A Middle School Student- 6th Grade Enrichment Overview/ Syllabus for the Class

Overview of the Year

Quarter 1: Organization- Students will focus on the tools that all middle school students need to stay organized, get work in on time, and feel great and successful with the start of the year.  Students will also learn how to self-monitor for organization.

Quarter 2: Research & Life-Changing Novels- Students will focus on how, where, what, when, and who of research.  How do we find the best information for the project  we are working on?  How do we take notes so it is in our own words?  How do we apply it to the assignment?  Students will be self-monitoring (organization)  with some prompting from teachers.

Quarter 3: Project- Students will focus on a topic and start and complete a project. Possible projects could include science fair, artist and writer’s fair, or research paper.  Students will have a different late policy.  Organization and self-monitoring will be reinforced.

Quarter 4: Creative Writing and BookMaking- Students will focus on looking at books and stories and write their own creative story.  What makes a book great? We will turn our stories into books that we can share with others.  Students can NOT have any late work in any class.  Students will be fully independent on self-monitoring for organization.

Weekly Overview:  This is a general overview.  There will be modifications on short weeks and weeks with interruptions (buddies, field trips, etc)  in them.  






◆ Intro to Lesson- these are specific to the skill we are working on for the week.  Ask to see your student’s planner each week for more info

◆ Goal Setting for skill (participation grade)

◆ Planner Check (planner grade)

◆ Silent Reading- Students need to bring a book to class to earn full credit. (45 minutes)  

◆ 5 W’s and a Summary (assignment grade)

◆ Practice Skill from Lesson (assignment grade)

◆ Binder Check (binder grade)

◆ Study Hall (45 minutes) and exit ticket (participation grade)

◆ Skill Reflection

◆ Goal Reflection

◆ Circle Reflection

◆ Game

(participation grade for all)



Holly Siasoco

Camille Kohner

Stefanie  Helmer-Morseth


Did you know?:

Holly, Camille, and Stef have written an Action Research Paper for the MPLS District on 5th to 6th grade transition.  Did you know that:

-82% of all of our Enrichment Students passed all of their classes, compared to only 58% of the 7th Grade Comparison Group.  The 7th Graders never had a Transition Class.

-Second Quarter (Nov.-January) is when both the 6th and 7th graders struggled the most.  That’s another research question.  We will need family and school prompting of organization  during this time.  

-Third Quarter (Feb.-march) is when both the 6th and 7th graders did their best on their class grade averages.

-The 6th graders in our Enrichment Class had more turned-in assignments at the end of the school year compared to our 7th grade Control Group.  Again, the 7th Graders never had a Transition Class.

-We saw substantial gains in bringing and completing their planner and bringing materials to class from Quarter 1 to Quarter 4.  


You will also need to monitor their planner use, work space, and grades for the first 2 quarters.   From what we have researched, 5th to 6th grade transition is one of the most important indicators of future academic success.   Even if you have the brightest child in the world, please monitor.  Sixth grade bodies and brains are beyond organization at some points, especially the beginning of middle school.  These students need help at school and at home in order to be more independent towards the end of the school year.  

Conferences are October 17th at 3:30pm and October 18th from 7:30-3:30.  We will be discussing your student’s progress during the first quarter in the areas of home/school organization and goal-setting.  We hope your student will lead the conference.  



In addition:  The 6th grade students will be working tohelp complete the grant given to Marcy for the update on the Labyrinth.  The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) created raingardens in the labyrinth to help control the large puddles we had as well as to help filter water that eventually goes to the Mississippi River. Students will be working with engineers and scientists from the MWMO and with master gardeners to learn about how the garden helps the river and the school.  The 6th graders will be presenting the information they learn to the Marcy community in the spring.