Graphic Arts Syllabus

Computer & Internet Use Policies


Student Email (Gmail)

Google Drive

Projects & Assignments - All projects and assignments should be turned into your Graphic Arts Folder on Google Drive.

-Third Quarter Quarter-

Graphic Arts Folder - Create and Sharevia Google Drive (5pts) - Due Mon. Feb. 6th

Name your folder "'Your name' [2A or 2B] Graphic Arts" 

Ex: "Steven 2A Graphic Arts" or "Lorna 2B Graphic Arts"

Video & Animation Survey (10pts) - Google Document - Due Mon. Feb. 13th

Portrait w/Text (Optional- 5pts Extra Credit) - Due Mon. Feb. 13th

Music Video Project (30pts) Due Mon. Feb. 20th

Internet Archive (

Top Ten Video Project (60pts)

Types of Shots, Angles and Camera Movements - WorkSheet (10pts)

Read about:

Genre - Worksheet (10pts)

Read about:

Make a screen Recording w/ Quicktime Player

Take a Screenshot



*Late Dates indicate the date that late work begins to lose points for being late.

 How to:

Take a Screenshot

Screen Recording w/ Quicktime Player

Vectorize raster images. AutoTrace -