Supplemental Classroom/Grade Residency Program for Teachers
Marcy Arts Partnership

Marcy Arts Partnership coordinates and manages the artist resdiency programs for all grades at Marcy Open School. We assist teachers with connecting with artists, coordinating timing of the residencies, assisting in coordinating volunteers, making payment to the artists and general administration of the residency.  

If a teacher would like to bring in artists in addition to the residencies coordinated by the Marcy Arts Partnership, we will assist in helping provide funds, if available, and coordinate the program if needed. Grants for these smaller scale projects can be awarded throughout the school year as the budget allows and with committee approval. If you are a teacher at Marcy Open or an artist who would like to work with a teacher or grade level at Marcy and are intersted is applying for a small grant to cover this type of program, contact the Marcy Arts Partnership coordinator Lisa Masterson at to discuss your idea.