Polly Smull - Room 102
Polly Smull


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. 

Polly Smull: I am in my 24th year of teaching at Marcy Open School. Both of my own children attended Marcy K-8. I live in the S.E. Mpls area and have been involved at Marcy since 1985 from parent volunteer to classroom teacher.  I have an undergrad degree in Studio Art and Art History from the University of Minnesota, Morris. My first teaching license I earned in 1977 from UMM was to teach Art K-12. In 1994 I earned an additional license from Augsburg College to teach Elementary Ed grades 1-6. I have

Alyssa Wilt
taught the following grade combinations over my years at Marcy: 1/2, 1&2 looping,  2/3, 3 & 4 looping, 3/4, along with several years of substitute teaching mostly at Marcy. We are excited to welcome back our 1st grade group from last year as 2nd graders with a few new additions!

Alyssa Wilt: I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Minnesota and licensure in both Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Last spring, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and
Nancy Rekucki
a minor in Child Psychology from the U as well. During my undergraduate career, I had the opportunity to volunteer and complete teaching practicums at Marcy and other schools in the cities. I am so excited to be back at Marcy and to work with this community again this school year!

Nancy Rekucki:  As Room 102 Associate Educator, Nancy will work with 102 students during reading time every day. She will lead small reading groups and conference with students, one-on-one, about their reading. Nancy has many years of experience at Marcy.

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