Marcy Specialists

The Marcy Specialists provide instruction in areas such as physical education, art, music and media information technology for all of the students at Marcy.

The Resource team works to help students with special needs in learning the English language, Speech, Language
Student on Computer
This student is working hard to gather research for her media project
Arts and Math.

In Media Information & technology the students learn proper researching skills, how to create a computer generated map, and some word processing skills. And some students do independent projects or create web pages for the Marcy Web page.

Reading Females
Two girls reading in the Library section
can be fun sometimes but on the other side the projects can be challanging. - Lucy

In art you really learn to be you. You do lots of different projects such as color wheels, water color paintings, mosaics, book-making, finger paintings, and other projects. And here in
A student in Art working on her book project.
this class you can express yourself through all kinds of things.

Art is my favorite center because you can really have fun expressing yourself through the your art. -unaumous student

In P.E. you can enjoy the fun in exercising. By playing games that involve physical
Sai doing push ups
This is a student working on those biceps.
activity. You may start by warming up then playing g ames, such as prison gaurd, basket ball, ultimate frisbe or football and other fun games.

I enjoy physical education because, I can get in some exercise and still have fun. -Nathaniel