April 18, 2017

Hello 110 Families,


Happy Tuesday! We started an arts residency this week with Christian Adeti.  He is going to be working with the kids this week on West African drumming, dance and storytelling. We will be doing a short performance this Friday at 2:00 in the theater.  Each 2nd grade class will perform a piece they learned this week.  Feel free to join us if you are available.



We’ve been able to get reservations for 2nd grade to go to Native Pride Dancers at the Ordway on June 2nd at 10:00. This show is part of the Flint Hills International Children's Festival.  Unfortunately there aren't enough tickets available for chaperones. We were wondering if parents would be willing to meet us at 11:00 after the show to chaperone small groups so we can enjoy the festival activities afterwards.   If parents aren't available, we'll skip the festival and return back to school on the bus directly after the show.  (The festival is busy and chaperones are needed for safety!)  Thanks for considering!  Please let us know of your availability.  


Have a great week,

Rachel Herder and Alex Schluender




This week:


Sharing –

Monday – Owen

Tuesday - Raaid

Wednesday – Sam

Thursday – Selma

Friday – Tahlia



Centers –


Monday – Graphic Arts

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Gym

Thursday – Graphic Arts

Friday – Music



What we’re doing in:


Reading: We are identifying and using text features. This includes making predictions using the contents page, reading dialogue and punctuation, and noticing changes in the print.  Reading groups are working on level-appropriate comprehension and word-decoding.


Math: We have started our algebraic thinking unit and are currently working on multiplication.  We are working with equal groups. 


Science: We have finished our balance and motion unit.




·      Fridays are tie-dye Fridays and students are encouraged to where tie dye to show Marcy Pride.

·      Please check your child’s Friday folder every week.

·      No toys at school.