2016-2017 Artist Residency Programming

The artist-in-residency programs at Marcy Open are funded by the Marcy Arts Partnership. Funds are raised at our annual Marcy Arts Gala each Spring and through various grants. The funds raised at the Marcy Arts Gala go directly to the arts programming. 

Photos from 2013-2014 Residencies


Folk Dance with Robin McGalliard Nelson:   The three Kindergarten classrooms will learn a variety of ethnic folk dances and songs that support classroom community building, understanding of other cultures, reading readiness, and math.  This residency was designed to support the teachers as they build the skills that help students learn with others:  listening, focus, body control, and spatial awareness.  As the children learn the dances, we will reflect on: “What Helps Me Learn?”   The residency culminates in Family Folk Dances with each classroom.  Students have an opportunity to celebrate and share what they have learned as they perform for and dance with family members. 

First Grade


Beatlemania! This 10 week residency teaches students about Beatles music, their lives, the influence they had on the music industry and world culture. It provides an opportunity for students to sing together during their school-day and perform at the end of the residency for their families.


Second Grade

Christian Adeti uses West African drumming, dance and storytelling to reveal to students the culture and history of West Africa in a rhythmic and physical realm.

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