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Book Character Costume Day! Thursday, March 30
Monday, March 20, 2017 10:00 AM


I Love to Read Month!
Book Character Costume Day
Thursday, March 30

During the month of March Marcy has been celebrating I Love to Read Month.  Classrooms have been competing for points by identifying Mystery Book Passages!
There’s one more big chance for classrooms to earn points – Book Character Costume Day on Thursday, March 30!  The details for the day are below.  Two classrooms will be winning a Popcorn Party in April based on points – one class in k-3 and one in 4-8.

• Costumes should represent an identifiable character from a book.  Students should be able to tell the judges who they are and from what book.

• Costumes should be appropriate for school – not too scary, violent or revealing. 

• Costumes should either be something that won’t be uncomfortable to wear all day, make it too hard to move up and down the stairs and around the classroom OR something that could be removed after judging.

• Donna and Maria will be the judges.  They will visit classrooms in k-5 first thing in the morning.  They will visit classrooms in 6-8 during their Advisory 9 (10:40-11:01)  Their decisions are final!

• Classrooms will receive 1 point for every student in a book character costume.  They will also get a point if  the teacher is in costume.

• There will be 2 “Best Costume Awards.”  One for k-3 and one for 4-8.  The Homeroom for the student who gets the Best Costume Award will get 10 points.