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Want to be involved, but have conflicts with the meeting times...email marcyarts@gmail.com

Things that you can do...

What can parents do so we do not lose our artist funding for residencies?

·      Join MAP

·      If they cannot make it to meeting, have them send an email to marcyarts@gmail.com to get on a mailing list so they know when we need help.

·      Volunteer in the classrooms when the artist is here

·      Figure out what their talent is that could help with the gala or fundraising or the artists.

·      Bring a friend to the meeting. 

·      Know that is parent run and will not exist without people doing something.  Marcy is great because of the families!

·      Help organize the MAP stuff…there is a lot that needs to be reorganized.

·      It is OK not to go to all meetings…everyone gets busy…keep informed…get on the email list…help when you are able.


COMMITTEE SIGN-UP for 2017 2018 Gala

document 9/21/2017 Map Meeting Minutes   --  Agenda: 1. What is MAP? 2. Artist Update 3. Fundraising 4. Roles of MAP/ how to get more involvement
document October 12th, 2017 Meeting Notes   --  1. Intro 2. Artist Update 3. Fundraisers 4. Need Parent Involvement to keep the arts going at Marcy