December 12, 2016

Hello 110 Families,


We had another wonderful week last week.  I hope everyone enjoyed the snow this weekend.  It sounds like the kids did!


We have an exciting week ahead.  We will be having an author celebration for the hard work the kids put into their opinion writing project. We will also be spending time with our Big Buddies on Friday.  We are currently reading The Tale of Despereaux and hope to finish it this week so we can watch the movie and compare it to the book. The kids are really enjoying the book and have checked out all the copies from our library! In addition to all this excitement, Alex is back full time until the end of the year!



Have a great week,

Rachel Herder


Next week:


Sharing –

Monday – Jasira

Tuesday - Jax

Wednesday – Jihan

Thursday – Jordan

Friday – Joslyn



Centers –


Monday – Music

Tuesday – Gym

Wednesday – Art

Thursday – Music

Friday – Gym




What we’re doing in:


Reading: We are working on making inferences.


Math: We are working on place value and thinking about strategies we use when putting together and taking apart numbers to solve problems. Our focus is on using 10 to help figure out problems. 


Writing: We are working on writing about our favorite holiday and why.  We will be including and introduction, topic sentence, three reasons and a conclusion.  We will be having our author celebration this week.



·      Fridays are tie-dye Fridays and students are encouraged to where tie dye to show Marcy Pride.

·      Please check your child’s Friday folder every week.

·      No toys at school.