Diversity- Quarter 2


  • Learning Targets

  • 2.1  I can explain why some organisms are more likely to survive and have offspring. (,,,


  • 2.2  I can explain the relationships between the characteristics of an organism, its genes, and the environment. (,,,


  • 2.3  I can use the features of several organisms to hypothesize how closely the organisms are related. (,


Where's the Octopus?  Science Friday Video Link to Adaptations and Camouflage  

Other camouflaging animals

Hawaii:  Islands of Paradis Video Links  Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  

Stick Insects Video    Lab Intro

Walking Sticks Lab Part 1

Walking Sticks Lab

Practice genotype and phenotype problems with the Larkey in a simulation  


Darwin Finch Video

Beaks of Finches

The Arthropod Story