Graphic Arts Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Graphic Arts Syllabus

Computer & Internet Use Policies

Google Drive

-Session Three-

Studio Code

Rhonda - 206

Jan- 203

Pang- 202

Once you have finished the 10 Stages of "Artist" move on to "Drawing in Game Lab."

*Make sure you are logged into your Studio Code account.  Login above.  Once you're logged in, return here (the 4th grade graphic arts page) and click the link below. 

Drawing in Game Lab


-Session Two-

 Days 1-4 | Typing: Intro to Keyboarding

Days 5-7 | Coding: Hour of Code

Computer Science Education Week December 5-11 2016


-Session One-

Day One: Four Things About Me

Day Two: Finish "Four Things aAbout Me

Day Three: Portrait w/Text

Day Four: One Day Photo-Collage

Day Five: Finish "One Day Photo-Collage

Day Six: "Teach Peace" Poster Project

Day Seven: Graphic Arts Check List