5th Grade Graphic Arts Syllabus

Computer & Internet Use Policies


Student Email (Gmail)

Google Drive

Projects & Assignments - All projects and assignments should be turned into your Graphic Arts Folder on Google Drive.


-Session Three-

Music Video Project (30 pts)   Music for Videos

Internet Archive (archive.org)

Make a screen Recording w/ Quicktime Player

Take a Screenshot



-Session Two-

Days 1-3 : Coding: Hour of Code  |  Computer Science Education Week December 5-11 2016

Days 4-7 :Typing: Intro to Keyboarding


Previous Projects:

-Session One-

Day One: Create and Share a folder in Google Drive (5pts)

     Four Things About Me (10pts) - Google Document 

Day Two: Complete "Four Things About Me"

Day Three:Portrait w/Text (10pts) 

Day Four: Raster vs Vector Images (10pts)

      One Day Photo-Collage (10pts)

Day Five: Complete "One Day Photo-Collage"

Day Six: "Teach Peace" Poster Project

Day Six: Checklist/Work Day








-Session Three-

Myth Project (20pts)

I can…

-Select  and research a myth for the basis of my project.

-Create a photo-collage that conveys the main ideas of my myth in a single image.

-Write a paragraph that describes my myth how my photo-collage expresses the concept of the myth.

Logo Project (20pts)

I can...

-Design logo using my name or initials.

-Create 3 original logo based upon my design.

-Session Four-

Music Video Project (30 pts)   Music for Videos


How to:

Screen Recording w/Quicktime Player