6th Grade Graphic Arts Syllabus

Computer & Internet Use Policies


Student Email (Gmail)

Google Drive

Projects & Assignments - All projects and assignments should be turned into your Graphic Arts Folder on Google Drive.


-Session Three-

Video Poem Project   OR

Music Video Project   

Internet Archive (archive.org)

Make a screen Recording w/ Quicktime Player

Take a Screenshotshot

 Music for Videos


-Session Two-

Ski Rex - Stage One: The Body Design Stage

The Box - Stage One: The cutting Stage

The Box - Stage Two: The Assmbling/Gluing Stage

Ski Rex - Stage Two: The Cutting Stage

Ski Rex - Stage Three: The Assembling/Gluing Stage


-Session One-

Four Things About Me (10pts) - Google Document 

I can create a Google Document that combine stylized text, images, and information about myself in a creative way.

Portrait w/Text (5pts) 

I can use the Rectangular Selection Tool to edit photos of myself by Selecting, Copying and Pasting typeface.

One Day Photo-Collage (5pts)

I can create a photo-collage that has at least five images, including monster, a grilled cheese sandwich, a can of soda, the moon, picture of your face, and the background image.

"Teach Peace" Poster Project (10pts)

I can design and create a poster that uses Image and Text to communicate information.
Stencil Project (10pts) 
I can create a digital stencil and apply it to four different color backgrounds.

 Hour of Code

Computer Science Education Week December 5-11 2016