Homework Expectations

Math - Students receive nightly math homework Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Challenge math will be handed out on Monday and is due on Fridays. Challenge math is mandatory for students in the 4/5 accelerated class and optional for all other students. There is no math homework on Friday or over the weekend.

Word Work - Every Monday the entire class will have the same Learning Target (word/letter focus). Students will be assigned to one list of words to work on individually (leveled accordingly). Grouping is flexible, therefore, students may change between word lists from week to week. Students will receive ALL words that follow our letter focus and these words will come home Monday night. Students have a variety of activity choices of ways to practice their words. It is up to the student/families how and when they would like to study these words. Word work practice will be due on Fridays. Students are encouraged to try not only their assigned list of words but also all words! This is one way of creating an extension for your student and ensuring they are accessing all levels of words. We will take a spelling quiz every Friday.

Reading - Students should be reading at least 20 minutes per night at home. This includes reading to themselves, reading to someone, or listening to someone read. Please see my Fourth Grade Information Packet for more details.

*Projects - There will be a varitey of projects throughout the year. You will receive more information at a later time.

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