Homework Help Videos:

October 24th, 2017 : Page 74 Homework Help Video


WOOT MATH (for computer only):

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Find what class you are, click on YOUR NAME, and then type in the password!

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Class 1 & 2 Students:

 October 30th, 2017: Monday Online Homework!  This is GREAT practice for our assessment this week on DIVISION!  Watch the videos, and then click on the "stars" on the left for the practice problems! 

 November 6th, 2017: Monday Online Homework!  This is great to get comfortable with fractions again!


Class 3 Students:

October 30th, 2017: MONDAY MATH GAME!  Test out your skills of mixed and improper fractions!

November 6th, 2017: Monday Online Homework!  This is great for practicing more on equivalent fractions!