Online Practice

How to get logged into Khan Academy when I'm at home:

1. Go to the Marcy Webpage

2.  Click on Students

3.  Click on Student E-Mail

4.  Login using your school username and password

5.  Find ANY Khan Academy e-mail and clcik "continue learning" or "Join Sigrid's Class"

6.  It will bring you to Khan Academy, and it should pop up the login page.  If it doesn't, click Login

7.  Click on Continue with Google




If that doesn't work:


1.  Go to

2.  Click on login

3.   Click on Continue with Google

4.  Type in your SCHOOL E-MAIL (we wrote that down on our technology sheet in class)

  • Lost your paper that we wrote it down on?  Loginto your Student Portal, click on miscellaneous on the left and then your e-mail will be the top right box.


Then it should log you in from there!