Little Buddies and Big Buddies

As a Kindergarten through 8th grade school, Marcy is lucky to have a wide range of ages represented in the building.  The younger students benefit from having mentors in the building with them.  The older students benefit from having younger children to care for, teach and with whom they can connect.  To encourage these great relationships, Marcy has a long tradition of Little Buddies and Big Buddies.  

Classrooms of the older students are paired with the classrooms of younger students.  Once a month the two Buddy Rooms get together for an activity of some kind. They might read a book or do a craft project.  They might share work examples and talk about what they are learning.  They might go outside and enjoy a walk.  They absolutely get to know each other and learn from each other.


Buddy Classrooms  for 2016-2017


Little Buddy

Big Buddy

Joy­ kindergarten room 100

Rhonda­ fourth grade room 206

Mark­ kindergarten room 101

Jan­ fourth grade room 203

Stacy­ kindergarten room 105

Sigrid­ fifth grade room 309

Nicole­ first grade room 115

Val­ fifth grade room 208

Tiffany­ first grade room 106

Marvin ­ fifth grade room 213

Grace­ first grade room 108

Beth­ sixth and seventh grade 300

Rachel­ second grade room 110

Leslie­ sixth and seventh grade room 302

Andrea­ second grade room 107

Erin­ sixth and seventh grade room 311

Polly­ second grade room 102

Sonya­ sixth and seventh grade room 301

Sara­ third grade room 204

Kate­ sixth and seventh grade room 117

Katie­ third grade room 207

Holly­ sixth and seventh grade 315

Sue­ third grade room 205

Stef­ six and seventh grade room 313

Pang­ fourth grade room 202

Camille/Leif­ eighth grade room 303 & 304 ** see Donna for details**