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March is I Love to Read Month!
Wednesday, March 08, 2017 8:25 AM


We are celebrating I Love to Read Month in March!  We have quite a few school-wide activities that are going on to encourage everyone to remember that reading can be fun.

  • Check out the "Marcy Loves to Read" mural in the main hallway!  Book recommendations galore!
  • Every Monday and Wednesday classrooms are trying to identify a "Mystery Book Passage."  There are different passages for k-3 and 4-8.  Classes who identify the book get points, counting toward a Popcorn Party prize.
  • March Book Madness with students voting for favorite books in March Madness brackets. Watch for the pennants that will go up later in the month!
  • I Love to Read Buddies!  Our Buddy time this month will focus on reading, including a school-wide Drop Everything and Read time.  Everyone had better have a book, including the grown-ups!
  • Thursday, March 30 will be Book Character Costume Day! Classrooms will get one point for each student in a costume.  The classroom with the best costume will get 10 points!  Points will be awarded for k-3 and 4-8. 
  • The classroom with the most points accumulated during March will get the Popcorn Party after Spring Break. There will be one Popcorn Party for k-3 and one for 4-8.

What can you do at home to celebrate I Love to Read Month?

  • Visit the library once a week!
  • Read aloud together every day.
  • Have a family Drop Everything and Read Time - remember everyone has to stop and read!
  • Help your student decide on a Book Character Costume!
  • Keep track of March Book Madness by going to http://marchbookmadness.weebly.com 
  • Have a family Book Group.  Choose a book to for the whole family to read during March, and schedule a time to discuss it together at the end of the month.  Maybe during Spring Break!
  • Share your enjoyment of reading by talking letting your student see you read and by talking about what you are reading.
  • Cook together - with a recipe inspired by a Children's Book.  Here's a collection of recipes: http://www.food.com/ideas/childrens-book-recipes-6304
  • Or make something inspired by a Children's Book - http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2013/05/25-books-with-crafts-to-match.html