Room 108 math expectations



Raise your hand to talk

  • Do not blurt out answers or questions - could make people feel bad
  • Give others a chance to think things through

During math you are a thinker

  • Listening
  • Room is quiet
  • Remind friends with the peace sign

Only one person speaks at a time

Listen to the speaker

  • Ask: do I understand?
  • Eyes on the speaker
  • No side conversations – quiet conversations about math only

If you get stuck on a part of math:

  • Try a different way
  • Ask a teacher
  • Do not copy – make sure you understand
  • Ask: “how did they do it?” not “what is the answer?”

If someone is distracting you:

  • Give one quiet, friendly reminder
  • Worry about yourself


Not following the group expectations:

1.      Warning: reminder of what you should be doing

2.      Take a break:  quiet time away from a group to get calm and remind yourself of the expectations

3.      Sent back to buddy room – teacher in main classroom asks you to write a letter to math teacher stating the rule and apologizing


Marcy Pride: