Andrew Tralle, Music
2017 Spring Concert
Photo by Dan Miles

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Beginning Band Sign-Up (It's not too late!)


Dear Marcy Families,

Thank you for another great year!  I continue to be amazed by the musical talent and dedication of our Marcy students.  8th graders, thanks for being awesome!  I'm going to miss you a ton.  3rd graders, I'm super-excited to start you on your band journey next fall.  For everyone between, thanks for an awesome year in band!  As we wrap up for summer break, I'm setting my eyes on next year.  There are great things to come!

If you have any questions about anything music or band related, don't hesitate to drop me a line.  I'll be checking my email this summer.

Have a great summer everyone!



Beginning Band 

I recently sent home information to 3rd grade students about what instrument they will be playing next year in band.  I've included some information below about how to obtain an instrument for next year.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY THIS SPRING!

Obtaining an Instrument

1.     Bring an instrument you already have at home.

If you have an instrument at home you’d like to use for band, but you’re not sure it’s in playable condition, bring it to the band room and I will take a look at it and let you know. 

2.     Rent an instrument from a music store.

This is a very good option.  Many music stores, including Schmitt  Music (Brooklyn Center, Edina, Roseville), Groth Music (Bloomington), and Bud’s Music Center (Hopkins), have great Rent to Own programs.  If you rent from Bud’s Music Center they will give you a month of lessons at half-price.

3.     Buy an instrument.

Any of the music stores above sell high quality new and used instruments you can buy outright.  Another very good resource for used instruments is Music-Go-Round (Burnsville, Roseville, St. Paul, Woodbury).  They have quality used instruments at a reasonable price and a great website with their whole inventory online.   If you find a good deal online, please email me a link first.  There has been a flood of extremely low quality instruments showing up online recently.  These break quickly, often aren’t repairable, and are very difficult to play.  

4.     Rent from the school. $35 a year.

Most students choose to rent instruments from the school for the year.  I work very hard to make sure every student who wants to play in band has an instrument available to him or her.  If you decide to rent, I will send home a rental sheet in the fall with the instrument information on it.  When your child brings it back I will send home the instrument.

School-owned instruments are generally in between 10 and 60 years old.  They are all in playable condition, but may have cosmetic damage. 


Click here to see a gallery of band concert photos.


  Hey Jude   --  The Careers in Music Options Class performing the end of Hey Jude. Recorded at the Terrarium Recording Studio March 26th 2015.


Resources for Songwriting Options Day


In our composition unit, we will be using programs such as Finale Notepad to write our own music.

Music Theory

Music theory lessons for the Cadets Music Theory Books.