Portrit w/Text
Example of "Portrait w/Text" Project

This project is an introduction to Photo-Editing.  The goal of this project is for you to aqcuire basic photo-editing skills using Preview.  You will Create Picture that displays your name using typeface.

Learning Target:  I can edit photos of myself by Copying and Pasting typeface.


For this project you will:

  • Take pictures using Photo Booth;
  • Save the Pictures taken in Photo Booth to your Desktop;
  • Download "Typeface from the internet"
  • Edit your picture using Preview (Copying and Pasting).

Click Here to Download Typeface Folder           Click Here to Find Typeface on the Internet


Steps for Copying + Pasting

  1. Select the First letter of your name by drawing a box around the letter using the Rectangular Selection Tool.
  2. Click Edit and then Copy.
  3. Click on the picture of your Face.
  4. Click Edit and then Paste. 

 Repeat Steps 1-4 until you have spelled out your entire first name.  

You do not need to add the letters for your last name, but you can if you want.