My name is Lia Reich and I am a Licensed School Counselor working with Marcy Open's current 8th graders; the Class of 2021!  .  I have a BA in Psychology and an MS in K-12 School Counseling and have worked in education for 14 years. 

The counseling program will support 8th grade students in their social/emotional, academic and college/career development through the delivery of a needs-based, comprehensive, school counseling program.  The school counselor will work in partnership with other educators, families, and community resources to ensure all students at Marcy Open have the knowledge and skills to become successful, lifelong learners and global citizens.. 

My hours are 12:00-3:30 Wednesdays and 7:30-3:30 Thursdays and Fridays and I can be reached at Lia.Reich@mpls.k12.mn.us

I look forward to working with you this year!

, Lia Reich