Stop-Motion Animation Project

This Project is worth 20 Points

For this project you can work individually, or in groups of 2-3. 


Plan and Create a Stop-Motion Animation that is at least 30 second in length.


Design Process:

Ask-  What is he project asking me to do?  

What are the requirements?  What are my resources?

Imagine-  Brainstorm some ideas.  Think about what you would like to accomplish. Don't dream too big or too small.  Choose something you can accomplish with the amount of time you have, the resource you have, and the skills set you have.

Plan-  Make a list of what materials you will need.  Write a script and/or shot list. Know what you're going to do/need before you start so you're ready and you won't waste time.

Create-  Follow you plan and create your stop-motion animation.  

  • Take your pictures.  (Remember 30 seconds is a long time in the world of stop-motion animation.  Its beter to take more picture than you needrther than less.) 
  • Import your pictures into iMovie HD.
  • Sequence your Pictures and Adjust the speed.
  • Complete any sound editing.
  • Export (share) you Stop-Motion Animation as a Quicktime Movie.  (Before you export you Stop-Motion Animation, make sure its in its final form and ready to be graded)


Upload the Quicktime movie version of you project to Google Docs an Share it with Steven.