West Side Story is based off of the famous play "Romeo and Juliet" but with a twist. The two main characters are Tony and Maria. They fall madly in love and it seems nothing can go wrong, except Maria is Puerto Rican and Tony is Polish. At the time  the two Nationalities were in a brutal gang battle. The two lovers know that if their affair is revealed it will mean death.

    Soon there is a big gang fight where Tony's best friend is killed by Maria's brother. Tony gets revenge by killing Maria's brother. Anita (Maria's best friend/ dead brother's girlfriend) finds out about the secret affair but Maria convinces Anita to help her save Tony from the Police and the Sharks.

    When Anita goes to help Tony she gets attacked by the Jets. Anita so angry with the "Jets" (the "white" gang) for attacking her that she lies and says Maria is dead. After Tony hears this news he goes into utter depression and turns himself into the Sharks (the Puerto Rican gang) where he is then shot. Maria finds Tony while he is dying in the street and through a touching speech brings peace between the two gangs.