Type Design Project


What is type design?

Type design is the art and process of designing typefaces.

Click the link and read the article. Then answer the questions below.

What is the difference between a Font and a Typeface?

Create a new Google Doc and answer the questions below. Title your Google Doc "YourNameQ#TypeFaceQuestions." 

1.) What is typeface?

2.) What is font?

This is worth 5 points.


Create 3 Original Typeface

  • 1 should be made digitally.
  • 1 should be handmade.
  • 1 can be handmade or made digitally.

**Include Letters A-Z Upper & Lowercase, and Digits 0-9**

Handmade Typefaces

Digital Typeface 


Click here to download the Typeface Starter Kit.


This is worth 15 points. (5 points/typeface)

These Projects are due by the end of class on Wednesday, September 5th.