Wolf Ridge Q&A


Hi everyone! This is Shari (Trevor’s mom). I would like to coordinate a couple of fundraisers for Wolf Ridge for scholarship money for students who otherwise could not afford to go. I would love to have a couple of other parents help me to: brainstorm fundraising ideas, coordinate fundraisers, promote and assist in carrying out fundraisers. I don’t anticipate this to be a lot of work. If we can have a couple of projects, that would be a success! If you would like to help with this, please send me an email shari.dezelar@gmail.com. Let’s make it so all students can attend this great opportunity!


Q: When do we get to go to Wolf Ridge?

A: May 9, 10, 11 of 2018!

We can’t wait already!


Q: Do I have to sleep in a tent out in the woods?

A: No way!  We sleep in warm cozy bunk beds with 6-8 of our best buddies

(you get to request one buddy you want to room with) inside a large dorm!


Q: How do we get there?

A:  We take two COMFY coach buses and all ride together for about 4 hours!  YES, you can eat on the bus.  YES, you can have devices on the bus.  YES, there is a bathroom on the bus.  YES, we DO watch movies on the ride!


Q: Is there internet up there?

A: NO WAY!  We collect all devices once we get there and lock them in a teacher room.  It’s time to PLAY OUTDOORS and disconnect from our devices!


Q: Is this a SUPER expensive trip?


The trip costs $170 for each student.


Q: Are the dorm rooms private and are there bathrooms?

A: YES!  There will be a “boys side” along with a “girls side” in our dorm.  Each wing has two bathrooms with private showers for students to use, and one bathroom with showers for staff only


Q: Can my parent be a chaperone?

A: YES PLEASE!  The more parents, the better! J


Q: Will I get a list of things to pack?

A: Of course!  We will even demonstrate for you what to pack for our Wolf Ridge trip as the time draws closer.


Q: If I act out at school and act in untrustworthy ways, can I still go on the trip?

A:  No, you will not be able to join us.  There will be folders of reading, writing, math, science, & social studies work in folders for those that will stay back.  Those that either can’t come or have misbehaved will stay back with a substitute teacher and help out around Marcy!


Q: Is the trip fun?

A: It is SO MUCH FUN!  Talk to any former 5th grader, and I assure you…they will tell you it was a BLAST!  It is a trip we look forward to all year!


Q: What activities do we get to do?  Can I bring my football or soccer ball?

A: Wolf Ridge is an environmental learning center, so it’s NOT appropriate to bring footballs or soccer balls.  We will be exploring the great outdoors in many different ways!  We will discuss our actual activities as our trip nears!


Q: Do they feed us there?

A: YES, and the food is SO GOOD!  YES, there are vegan & GF options for our kiddos!  The chef up there is FANTASTIC!