Words Their Way

We use a word study program called Words Their Way (WTW.)  This program includes phonics, spelling, language and vocabulary development. Students are assessed throughout the year to determine their area of need and will work on specific word sorts to help them acheive their word work goals.

During word work time we will: 

1. Learn spelling strategies

Students will study spelling strategies that will help them spell unfamiliar words.  We make connection to other words by patterns, meaning, using a known word to spell an unknown word, or using a word part to spell and unknown word.

2.  Learn common spelling patterns

Patterns will include consonant blends, vowel patterns, words with silent letters, prefix and suffixes and their meanings.

3.  Develop a spelling consciousness

Students should eventually learn to recognize when a word doesn't look correct and choose a strategy to spell it more accurately.  Students should grow to become aware of word patterns in their environment.

4.  Develop word interest

Students will explore word relationships, synonyms, antonyms, homophones and homographs.  These are fun & interesting!


WTW assessment will look different that traditional spelling tests!  In WTW students don't necessarily memorize how to spell words.  WTW instead focuses on students' ability to learn and apply word patterns.  Assessments sent home will show progress toward thier individual word work goals.

I will send home your child's weekly list in the Friday folder.  Please encourage your child to cut and sort their list at home.