1-14-14 MOPSC Meeting Minutes

MOPSC Meeting                                  

January 14, 2014


Approval of Agenda – approved

Approval of Minutes from 12-10-14  - approved

Committee Reports –

·      MAP is planning the Gala!  If you have any interest in planning the Gala contact Elizabeth Hawley.  Meetings the second Wednesday of every month and special potluck meetings that focuses only on the Gala.  Looking for folks who might want to be part of the Gala entertainment.  Looking for donations of art and food for the Gala.  Want to see if anyone has a time-share they might want to donate for the raffle.  The will have Japanese drumming. There will be a VIP ticket. The VIP tickets help you avoid the check in and check out lines.  April 26th is the date of the Gala.

Principal’s Report –

·      We worked very hard on a grant for about $20,000 to get teachers iPads for use in the classroom.  We did not get the grant. L If you know of any corporation that might want to sponsor us or fund that grant it would be super. J We will continue to work to find ways to enhance our teaching with and without technology.


·      Marcy is getting a new banner for the side of our building.  This is in honor of us becoming a Celebration School! We applied for this honor and we were selected.  We don’t need to advertise with the banner since parents do such a great job of promoting out school and all the good things that happen here.  Staff will also be provided with breakfast on Record Keeping Day, January 17th, 2014.

·      January 25, 2014 is the School Choice Fair in downtown Minneapolis from 9-2.  If any parents are interested in joining us at this event, let Sidney know.  We will have several staff members there.

·      We have hired the 3 additional AEs to help us out until the end of this school year only.  Two will start this week and the other next week.  One of our new AEs is Elizabeth Hawley.  We have one who speaks Spanish (Collin) and one that speaks Somali (Ali).  They will be working in classrooms, lunch and recess. 

·      Talent Development – All 2nd graders are tested.  Marcy has a lot of students who qualify for this in grades 2-8. We are constantly looking at how we meet the needs of all our students such as special education, EL, and our student identified through Talent Development.

·      We continue to change and adapt to best meet the needs of all our students.  We are constantly looking at what we can do to better Marcy Open School.  We are starting to look our schedule for next year this month.  Please feel free to share your ideas with us.  We have a bubble in the 4th grade. We currently have 98 kids in those 3 classrooms.

·      We are up to 48.8% Free/Reduced Lunch.  If a school is at or over 50% Free/Reduced you are able to qualify for more funding/grants.

New Business:

·      Donna S. – Making an observation, able to come to school during the day and spend the day with her 6th grader. Students get recess and lunch for 15 minutes each. (They have 20 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for recess in the Marcy schedule)  Kids are working hard in the new model of 5th and 6th grade.  Kids don’t have enough time for lunch to eat all their food.  Kids cannot pay attention during the end of the day and are getting in trouble during advisory.  They have ST Math at the end of the day and are not allowed to talk or socialize. 

·      Tammy thinks the centers could start earlier or later to get them 5 more minutes.  We will have to look at the schedule to see if this could work.

·      The nice thing about the new 5/6 schedules is that it is a gradual change into middle school. Instead of going from 30 minutes lunch and 30-minute recess to 15/15 in 7/8, the 5/6 allows for a smaller change with the 20/20.

·      Noodles and Company in the neighborhood approached a family to get connected to Marcy Open. They want to donate and gave meals to the teachers for conferences.  They want to donate more.  They want to do something with the kids.  Could they support students in the Reading Challenge?  Marcy will contact the manager to see if we can work together.

·      Parent Council – Tragedy or crisis – Should be do something for families?  Over break Donna heard from a family that a students Dad fell and hit his head and is in a comatose state.  What should we do as a Parent Council group?  We cannot take care everyone but can we send a card of support to our families in need?  We had a family that had their house flooded out.  How can we let them know we are thinking about them? How do we keep our community growing and going?  We used to have parent reps in each room that helped us with these issues?  If parents ask for help we can help them?  We can have a CARE CORNER in Parent’s Press where we can help folks get what they need.  Parents will need to let us know what they need so we can advocate for them. I think sending a card on behalf of MOPSC or the school could be helpful and a gesture of good will.  The network of parent reps in the classroom was a really great thing.  It would be a great way to build community within each classroom.  Maybe things should be shared on the Marcy Parent Facebook Page.  We need to think about the demographics of who is on Facebook and if they are families that are in crisis.  Should something go in Parent’s Press to see if parents are okay with this?

·      We need a new person to be in charge of the Parent Reps. to help keep this going.  We need staff and parents to buy into it and possible think about what Parent Reps would/could do.


MOPSC Committee Break Out Sessions:

·      Open Education

·      Outreach and Diverse Representation

·      Communication  - could the agenda and minutes be posted on the Parent Facebook page, Sara types them and sends them to Elizabeth to post to the website, anyone can join the Parent Facebook Page, Eve would like pictures, staff webpages, have scroll to the news, attendance line not on the homepage anymore, Google calendar is very helpful, we need a directory or Marcy Pages (has been approved but needs to be paid for and to get it going), link to the online Marcy Pages!

Old Business