10-8-13 MOPSC Meeting Minutes

MOPSC Meeting

October 8, 2013



MAP – Meet last month right after this meeting and set their budget.  They are looking at a residency with Mark working with the ¾ teachers on a dragon project 2nd semester.

·      K is working with Robin Nelson

·      ½ is working with Katy Hays & Chellie Brown

·      ¾ Dragons with Mark Safford

·      5/6 Bridges – Children’s Theater Co.

·      6/7/8 Project Success

·      7/8 is also working with the Weisman on a Critical Response based on artwork and then they work together to make a story.  We will post the stories on our website.  The Weisman would like to have the student’s come back for and evening event at the Weisman. 


Fall Fun Fest – Free flu shots/nasal spray, all the games and prizes, looking to get more volunteers, all the teachers have picked their games and are working on their baskets.  There are three calling parties at Elizabeth’s house to get folks signed up for volunteering.  Phone Calling Parties at Elizabeth’s on Oct. 13, 20, and 21st .  The Fall Fun Event is on October 25th.


Scholastic book fair is happening during Fall Fun Fest, but we need someone to run it in the spring.


Principal’s report

·      695 students at Marcy

·      We received a .5 EL teacher

·      Social Behavior is becoming more noticeable in 5-8th grades.  If you have a student in 5th -8th grade please go over the school rules with your students, check what they are wearing before they leave, watch their internet use.  Talk to them about how they are being inclusive or exclusive with others. Students are testing the waters at this age and we need to help support them.

·      Look at the Marcy Website, it is fabulous due to the hard work of Eve Parker. 

·      Testing is going well in our building.  We have had a few problems with technology but students are adapting well.  Andrea commented that the kids did fairly well but it is a long test and some might have lost stamina.  Some kids got somewhat stressed out but we minimized the importance of this event and just have them do their best.  We had lots of teachable moment.  We will use this information carefully knowing it is the first time they have take a standardized test on the computer.

·      The website has much information that can be helpful.  We have the middle school handbook posted, there are homework calendars for grades 5/6 and 7/8.  We are having lots of tardy in 5/6 grades.

·      Simplify the forms, group them together, style and format.

·      District website – were in Area A/Zone 1 – the district has zone/area meetings and families are welcome to attend these meetings.  Donna attends but they are mostly for parents.

·      Please take time to share our MMR status.  We have made growth and we are applying for celebration status with the state.  We are currently working on this application.

·      We are still a Focus school but this celebration recognition is for our growth in achievement and our work to close the achievement gap.

·      Enrollment plan on the district website.  There is a new 5-year plan on how to meet our growing needs.  Our zone is getting the most money put into the renovation of our area.  There are listening sessions for families.  October 14th at Northeast Middle school 6-8 and the following Monday at Nellie Stone Johnson??  Check the websites for exact details.

·      Parent asked if there is still an open-to-open pathway for Marcy?  Sidney says this still exists and there is sibling preference.

·      How are we looking at having a magnet school with fidelity?  We are just filled up by the district with folks that are not actually choosing  a magnet program.  Some are placed at Marcy and are not aware of our magnet status. Families don’t always know why we are a magnet school.

·      We don’t have access to our waiting list and this was frustrating since we had openings in Kindergarten and could not get access to the families that wanted to come here.

·      Can we add on?  Can we move to a bigger building?

·      Our voices need to be heard.

·      enrollmentplan@mpls.k12.mn.us - you can send in your thoughts.

·      With the “go to pass” for busing kids should be able to pick there school.

·      Every year our school gets about $200,000 from Title 1 fund.  This is determined by our free and reduced lunch status.  Families have to reapply every year.  Currently, if  a family hasn’t filled out a form, for this year, they will be getting a bill.  Please fill out a form if you might





Online Directory - we looked into an online directory called myonlineschoolanywhere.com.  We would be in the medium catergory for about $179.00.  There can be an online directory and paper copies for those that need it.  You can do membership and volunteer tracking on line, you can solicit funds online.  We could have computers set up at family events but folks can do it from any internet capable device.  This would be a lot less work for our volunteers who work on this project each year.  What other features could we use to enhance functions a t school and limit paperwork for families.  Streaminging forms at the beginning at the start of the year. 


Special Requests:

The lunchroom staff requested $100 for the purchase of two large coolers that teachers can bring with them on field trips.

The request was honored and it was recommended that they also purchase reusable blue ice packets.


Elizabeth requested $30 for the reimbursement of the purchase of the finger labyrinth gift that was given to Jackie during the labyrinth dedication ceremony.

The request was honored and it was recommended that we also find a way to acknowledge our resident gardener.


Budget Change:

Discussion was brought forth about adding Options Day as a line item for this year’s budget ($200 for Fall, $200 for Spring) and removing it as a Special Request item.

Motion carried.


New Business:

• Alix made contact with John and a new American flag has been ordered for the school.

• The banner on the side of the building is in disrepair and needs to be replaced. Sidney research possible replacement and/or repair options. Donna would like to see a digital sign. Lee and Sarah offered the suggestions of two local artists for a potential mural project.


Next MOPSC Meeting:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 6:00PM-7:30PM