12-10-13 MOPSC Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2013 

MOPSC Meeting

Approval of Agenda YES


Approval of Minutes from October 15, 2013 YES  (note – No November meeting)


Principal’s Report

Long two months.  We thought we were not going to be affected by the 5-year plan but we were.  We had a strong turn out for the meeting with our Area Superintendent.  Donna and three other families attended the board meeting after the talk at Marcy.  It was a long and eventful meeting.  The meeting went until 11:30 that night.  Alec shared a letter that many people helped write with the board.  It was a hard moment and we got through it together.  Michael Thomas is committed to work with Marcy in the future.


We currently have 710 students.


We are going to hire 3 more AEs for the reminder of the year. We have posted the jobs for them and we are asking for 1 Somali speaking and 1 Spanish speaking AE.  This is a gift for this year only.


The districts new plan for accountability requires us to do quarterly reviews for district personnel.  For the second review they changed it to a magnet school focused review.  This happened in November by a group from the district over a 3-day period.  They interviewed staff, students, and observed classrooms.  We will have our quarter three review in February.  Michael Thomas will be coming to see how our staffs PLCs are working.


The theater is still on its way to being redesign.  The construction will start after the Marcy Musical is completed.  They need more time than just the summer.


Committee Report

MAP – Kicking off the GALA season.  The meeting tomorrow is on the Gala and is at the Soap Factory.  Please come to the meeting if you are interested in helping shape the GALA.


GALA is the 26th of April!








Old Business

1.     Overcrowding – This came about from speaking at the board meeting and talking to a school board member.  What exactly does our overcrowding look like?  What can we do if we don’t have more space?

a.     Passing in the hallways is overcrowded

b.     Useful to have two lines for each class and this makes it much harder for more classes to pass.

c.      There are nooks and curved walls in the rooms that cannot be utilized

d.     More lockers

e.     More storage in classrooms

f.      We are over 6 – 1st, 7 – 2nd, 3 – 3rd, 4 - 4th, 3 – 5th, 10 – 6th, 5 – 7th, 11 – 8th

g.     Families on the waiting list are not called but new families are sent here.

h.     We keep getting new students because all buildings are over though. 

i.       Next year should be better and back to regular numbers once the new schools open next Fall

j.       If we are a magnet should families have to apply?

k.     Other zones are not as full

l.       We have a larger busing area because we are a magnet

m.   We are not a Somali newcomer site; they were sending us students since we have Ahmed.

n.     More paperwork for staff and more stress for them with all the students

o.     How do we keep our diversity, racial and economic?

p.     We had 150 kids on the waiting list starting this school year

q.     The under-filled kindergarten this year – they were saving spots for kids of color

r.      Should we invite our school board member to come to our meeting and discuss this issue?

s.      Michael Thomas would be happy to come and address this issue. Maybe both at the same time.

2.     Give to the Max

a.     The website is up and running and we ended up getting a fair amount of donations.  We got $1600 from this event.  We have to take out the administration fee of 3.9%. 

3.     Change MOPSC meeting to first or third Tuesday

a.     Should we move the meetings to the third Tuesday of each month?  It is hard to make changes mid year.

b.     Should we invite Michael and our board member to attend the February meeting since it is on the third Tuesday of that month?

4.     Who attends Area A meetings

a.     Should we figure out a way to share the responsibility of who goes to these meetings and share the information?  Donna goes each month, even though it is attended for parents.

b.     Not really well attended.  There are about 20 families that represent all the schools.

5.     Signs – report on progress

a.     The sign on the side of the building.  Our engineer but in a request to have the district replace or repair it.  It can take about 6 weeks for this to happen.  We are hoping this will be taken care of in January.


6.     Would someone like to attend a Barton Open parent meeting

a.     A parent was invited to attend and wondering if anyone who wants to attend.

b.     Barton offers a family 101 class on the school at the beginning of the year

7.     Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association wrote a letter on our behalf in support of Marcy Open School.


New Business

a.     Looking at the Marcy Open first 5 precepts – What are we really doing in regards to the precepts? Teachers and parents added comments to each of the first 5 Marcy precepts.


Groups for member to consider being a part of in January:

·      Open Education

·      Outreach and Diverse Representation

·      Communication

·      We work as a team to set our HOPES and DREAMS for the rest of the year


Next Meeting is January 14th


Thank you to Parent Council for the money to purchase scooters so there is enough for a whole classroom.


Thank you to Parent Council from Mark Hirsch, Sara Dotty, and middle school students for the money to keep our Southeast Seniors project going.


In January, we have the Minneapolis School Fair, think about coming for a few hours to talk about Marcy.  It is on a Saturday, January 25th, 2014 from 9-2.





Special Requests;

Jean Dudley submitted a request for $200 to cover the cost of a portion of the rollerskating outing to place next week with ASD students and general education students.

The request was honored.


A request was made to give a $100 gift card to David D., who maintained the Peace Garden this fall.

The request was honored.



-Nancy Rathmann will lead the charge in the Spring Book Fair.

-We are in need of a new Magazine Sale chairperson. The time commitment would be 2-3 days for 3-4 hours each day in October.



-Parent Council received approximately $1600 from Give to the Max Day (less 3.9% for the Razoo fee).

-The annual fund has received approximately $1400 thus far.

-The magazine sale returns are starting to come in. So far we have approximately $4500, with Internet sales and booklet sales yet to come in.


Next MOPSC meeting:  Tuesday, January 14, 6:00-7:30PM