2-18-14 MOPSC Meeting Minutes

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Agenda                         (These Minutes have not yet been approved)

February 18, 2014

Media Center

6:00 – 7:30


·      Approval of Agenda – Yes


·      Approval of Minutes from 1-14-14 – Amend the minutes to reflect that we did get the $20,000 math grant – approved


·      Committee Reports – MAP did receive a grant for the Dragon Residency - $7,760. This will allow the MAP to have small amount in reserve.  Joined the NEMAA and will be in the Northeast Art-A-Whirl directory, MAP Gala is shaping up - there will be many performances including Marcy Alumni bands, and MAP is taking volunteers and donations for art and other things.


·      Principal Report –


o   The budget will be given to school on March 14th, they have let us know how many classroom teachers we will have next year and right now the district predicts we will be at 703 students.  They have added 1.2 teachers to our roster.  They added one teacher in 5th grade for next year and on .2 to 7th grade.  We don’t have as many openings listed in our count, as we don’t tend to lose many children.  We are starting to put some preliminary ideas for scheduling on the parents.  We will let folks know when we have information to share, we will be sending out a survey monkey to parents to get their feedback/input on schedules, we have asked teams to give us their top three wishes for the schedule, we have gathered information from all teams on the good and bad of this years schedule, we are also asking staff about what centers will be offered for kids next year and what is best in each grade level.  


o   We received our feedback from our second quarterly review recently.  Our first was a PowerPoint presentation to district personnel; our second was a magnet school review.  An outside agency came in and looked at our program.  They didn’t rate us but named the things that they saw in our program.  We look good on paper and this write up will be available on our website. 


o   We are currently working on our 3rd quarter review that the Assistant Principals will present.  The ILT is working together on gathering our information and putting the presentation together for district personnel.   


o   I am thinking about restructuring how our Instructional Leadership Team works next year.  ILT might be separate and Team Leaders might have a separate meeting with Donna about school issues.  We might rotate teachers who attend the evening meeting like MOPSC.  Given the amount of expectations that are placed on teachers this day, we want to make sure they have enough time to do their best each day for kids. 


o   Testing schedule is never ending. MCAs are math, reading, and science.  We also have the EL ACCESS test.  The district is offering Spring Academies for students who don’t attend spring break activities.  Donna offered our school as a Spring Academy site and to be a Spring Academy Principal.  We would focus on test taking skills.  Many of our kids don’t take vacations and families might appreciate having a safe place for their students.  This may or may not happen.


·      With the restructure of the ILT what is the history of Parent Council and the School Leadership team.  Different folks shared their thoughts on how we have melded into the meeting format we have currently. 


Question from Donna - Why did you parents come tonight?  Are there things that you want to share or explore?

·      School board member suggested we have Michael Thomas and Donna Andrews talk to us about what we can do about overcrowding? Do we want to move our meeting to another night to have Jenny Arneson come to speak with us?

·      Some other schools in the Northeast area accuse Marcy of taking the best students or not supporting the Northeast schools/area.

·      Maybe we should have Michael Thomas come and hear our concerns. Maybe in April.

·      Possibly have a panel of past Marcy Students in May.

·      Is transportation an issue for families? Can we invite Michael and some of the transportation folks to a discussion?

·      Change the lunchroom so it is more students centered. Instead of raising their hands for a spoon maybe a student could be in charge.  Kids wouldn’t have time to each lunch if they are getting up and getting things for others at their table. Maybe everyone contributes to the making a better lunch experience.  We encourage families to come and see how we are supporting students in out lunchroom.  Our staff does a really great job of creating rituals and routines for our students.


·      Did you get feedback on the canceling of the middle school dance? - No feedback from parents on the canceling of the dance due to behavior problems in the lunchroom and hallways.  Parent feels this was a good decision.  They have lots of dances and they need to know the limits.  It was a great consequence.


·      As a parent of a 5th grader I feel lost.  I don’t feel like the updates are current.  What

I read isn’t what my child is saying.  I don’t have a clue as to what is happening up there.  Goes on Parent Portal and the only thing in there is math.  I have emailed the homeroom teacher and haven’t heard back.  The newsletters say that there will be information or supplies coming and it never comes. It is frustrating for parents. We are working on making sure that the communications are more adequate for families.  Teachers are required to respond to parents within 24 hours in some manner.


·      April 7th we will get our salad bar.