3-11-14 MOPSC Meeting Minutes

MOPSC Meeting

March 11, 2014


Approval of Agenda - approved

Approval of Minutes from 2-18-14 - approved

Approval of Minutes from 3-6-14 – approved


Committee Reports:

·      Directory information - Elizabeth Hawley will give information to Lori Janies

·      MAP – planning the Gala, the invitations should go out next week, art is starting to come in along with other donations, now is the time to donate

·      The musical starts tomorrow.  At each show they will be giving away a ticket to the Gala.

·      Time for teachers and artists to start making plans for next years residencies.  That process starts in May.  The residencies we have had at Marcy might change somewhat for next year.

·      Staff can donate wine and there might be a benefit

·      If you donate art of $50 or more in value you can request a comp. ticket. 

·      Plant Sale – Mother’s Day weekend 12-7 on Friday and 9-2 on Saturday; they are planning on not having any left over plants.  They will do a more conservative ordering. Pre order, come to the sale but don’t wait for the hallway sale.  There will be online sales.  Looking into Shopify for the online sale. It should be easier for the customers and the folks working the sale.  There could be link on our website.

·      Could kids sell things at the plant sale too?  Donna will work with students on this.

·      Book Fair is in the middle of April – this will be a book club/book fair combination this year.  Going to ask teachers for a summer reading list and then Scholastic can have those books at the fair.



Principal Report:

·      After the last regularly scheduled MOPSC meeting, Donna met with the team leaders, and talked about the imbalance of teachers at the MOPSC meetings versus families.  From now on only 3 teacher leaders will attend the MOPSC meetings. 

·      Change in busing starting after spring break – Steve came in and helped us out with buses and a new plan for drop off and pick ups. 

·      We will be putting out a sign on 4th Ave SE from 3:00 – 3:15 that says the street is a one-way.  This will hopefully speed up pick up and make this area safer.

·      The special education buses will now pick up on 4th Street.  They will put on their flashers and block the one lane for 15 minutes or so.

·      Budget comes out next Friday, March 14, 2014 – we will have additional meetings about schedules and budgets soon

·      Our salad bar should open when we get back from spring break


Brain Storming about ways to increase parent involvement in MOPSC:

·      Survey Monkey to increase parent involvement in MOPSC?  Would this work?  Parent attendance starts off strong in the fall and winds down as the year goes on.  We have tried different things to increase attendance like predetermined topics, hot topics, etc.

·      What about making announcements and sharing what parent council/MOPSC does during heavily attend parent events.

·      Will the site council meet separately now?  Will parent council be separate?  We can design this to best meet our needs at Marcy.

·      Would MOPSC parents be willing to share their emails through the Parent’s Press or meeting minutes that other parents could contact them?

·      We could have meetings that relate to hot topics for our kids…cyber bullying, health issues, healthy snacks, and etc.

·      Some neighborhood groups send out postcards with the 2 or 3 hot topics to increase attendance at their meetings.  Maybe pre-announcing hot topics would work for us too.

·      The robo call might have helped get folks to our March 6, 2014 meeting.  Most folks have a phone and listen to messages but might not read The Parent’s Press.

·      We should get more organized with topics and have the agendas out earlier to promote our work.

·      Sometimes parents hesitate to bring things up since they don’t have time to help with it.

·      Should we have a new and more inviting name for our group?

·      Spot on ILT for a parent?

·      The format of EFCE might be something to illuminate.

·      Parents come for the principal update and facilitated conversations would be great.

·      Parents would love to learn more about curriculum


Ideas for topics at MOPSC:

·      Julie Young Burns to talk about bullying and cultural differences and she is a former Marcy parent – We will try to have her come for the May meeting and focus on a “Safe Summer”

·      Plant Sale – April

·      Sharing of completed budget

·      Communications department to come out and talk to our committee – Christina Berg – April


Next month come with topic ideas for next year?


May 3rd is World Wide Labyrinth Day – Could this be a possible Saturday fundraiser?  We might want to talk with Jackie Dekker Travis about this.  This might be a way to get classrooms involved.  We did some in October but it might be nice to revisit this.


Jackie might have a booth at the Gala


We should have a MOPSC celebration at the end of the year.