7/8 Math

Welcome to 7th and 8th grade Math! My name is Leif Neilson and I am the new 7th and 8th grade Math teacher at Marcy. I have been teaching Middle School Math in Minneapolis since 2002 and have taught at Franklin Middle School (1 year), Northeast Middle School (2 years) and Nellie Stone Johnson Community School (9 years). This will be my 2nd year at Marcy and I am very excited to continue my getting to know the students and families in the Marcy community. My first year was everything I expected and more, I have really enjoyed being a part of Marcy.

I am passionate about math and believe that everybody has the ability to learn math if they put in enough

Eleanor and Lauren at a Gopher Hockey Game.
effort; "Smart is not something your are, smart is something you get" - Stephanie Harvey (Author and Educational Consultant). My goals for the 7th and 8th grade Math students are; be prepared for high school math, develop a curiosity for numbers, and become problem solvers. 

I am married and have two daughters (Eleanor and Lauren). Outside of school I love to spend time with my daughters, be outside, play fantasy football, attend concerts and cheer for the Gopher (Ski-U-Mah!) and Wild Hockey teams. I attended the University of Minnesota, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Masters of Education in Math Education.