Holly Siasoco


6th grade Creative Short Stories for 2018-2019 volume 3 is ready to read!!  See below to read.  Volume 1 and 2 from previous years stories are also below now too!


Current Science Unit 7/8 for 2019-2020:  Earth Science

Safety Sheet

CER Help??  See the link below for the rubric and the sentence starters.

Need Help writing your Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning for a lab?  Please see rubric located on the bottom for sentence starters and guidelines to writing a proficient CER.

Current 6th grade Enrichment Topics:  Binder Organization (always important), Writing a minimum of 5 times a day in planner, Labyrinth/ Mississippi Watershed/ Hydroponics, Google docs

About Me:

Hello!  I teach 7th and 8th grade science and 6th grade enrichment.  I am also the National Junior Honor Society advisor and I work closely with the Marcy Arts Partnership.  

A few things about me:  I graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in Botany and a B.S. in Environmental Science.  I then moved to Minneapolis where I received a 5-12 Science teaching license from Hamline University.  I taught at Edison High School for the last 15 years.  I taught Physics, Biology, IB Biology, and ELL science.  This is my 3rd year at Marcy.  I live in NE and  have a 7th grader at Marcy, Rey.  I also have a 2nd grader, Ella at Marcy.  I love plants, being outside, sewing, biking, art of all sorts and reading (I love teen fiction and reading with my students!).

Please let me know if you need anything.  

The best way to reach me is email:  holly.siasoco@mpls.k12.mn.us.  

I check it daily during the school week.

document Claim/ Evidence/ Reasoning Rubric with Sentence Starters   --  Students can rewrite CER s. They have until the end of the week that they are returned to do them. If they turn in their CER late, they will not have an opportunity to rewrite. Make sure to get them in on time. :)
PDF 2018-2019 6th Grade Creative Short Stories Class of 2025 Volume 3   --  This is a book of short stories that were written in Stef and Holly's enrichment class this spring. Enjoy! As you read you will see they had a lot of freedom in writing.
PDF 2017-2018 6th Grade Creative Short Stories- Class of 2024! Volume 2   --  These are short stories written in Holly's enrichment class in the spring of 2018! Enjoy their creative freedom and strangeness. They are amazing!