4-8-14 MOPSC Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2014

MOPSC Meeting


Approval of Agenda – Approved

Approval of Minutes from March 11, 2014 – Approved with change to ECFE


Committee Reports:

MAP – The Gala is coming up soon – buy a ticket to attend on April 26th.  You can also buy raffle tickets for the beer and wine raffles.  Art is needed and due by the 18th.  Can still use help on setting up.  Setting up starts on Wednesday night before the event and goes through Saturday.  Clean up on Sunday.

Plant Sale – Pre orders due by April 19th.  You can order online or via paper order form.  Still in need of volunteers for May 9th and May 10th.  They will be at the Fiesta dinner this year too.


Principal Report:

Budget is done – Because of our Free and Reduced lunch numbers we did receive more money and this positively impacted our school. 

·      Adding a 5th/6th and 7th/8th class with a writing focus

·      Pang will be a .5 math interventionist to work with K-2

·      Kilee will be a K-5 Reading Specialist working with staff

·      Mark will be moving from middle school math to kindergarten

·      Betsy will not be returning to Marcy Open School

·      French is increased to .6 or 3 classes (2 - 7th grade and 1 - 8th grade)

·      Melanie will not be returning as our Math Corp teacher

·      We are looking for 2 Reading Corp and 1 Math Corp persons

·      We will no longer have a media specialist; Ardella is retiring at the end of the year.   We will be staffing the library in a different manner.  The media center will open and a vibrant place for students

·      Added .8 gym

·      Added vocal music

·      No science specialist – Sarah is moving to another position, in another building.

·      Looking at moving the computer lab to media center to gain a classroom

·      AEs are working in the classroom to support student learning and reduce student/teacher ratio

·      Large number of student teachers, in our building, that co-teach for a year with teachers, reducing the student/teacher ratio

·      CPEO – Talk about relevant topics in education, college readiness, how to talk to and work with teachers, if you complete the program you kids can get subsided tuition.  They have an English speaker group, a Spanish-speaking group, and a Somali speaking group. They provide dinner and daycare.


Planning for next years topics – Cultural Sensitivity, Responsive Classroom, Transportation, Curriculum, Parks programs, Community Opportunities (instead of just sending in fliers), Athletics, Parenting ideas on the lines of CPEO topics (allowance, etc.), Parent Portal, an early year meeting by grade level to speak about what to expect that year (going to K, going into 5 going into 7, etc.), Parent Reps (assist with webpages)


Donna went to the Area A meeting last night and they shared how the district created the budget.  This presentation is on the MPS website.


Exceptional stories that illustrate Marcy Open School strengths and pride – kid perspective and adult perspective – send to Alix.  This could go out to staff to get their ideas and also to kids.  Share your stories about Marcy on the website – link via Eve. 



Requests for funds:

Alex Boyer - $179 for purchasing a computer program to assist creative and expository writing for students with language and sensory processing difficulties, such as autism. - Approved


Tammy Cowan – Climbing and traversing in gym – rock climbing wall that goes more lengthwise versus high - $3700.00 plus shipping and instillation fees.  Need more specific information to make a decision. – Invite Tammy to next meeting to share more specifics


They will begin working on the theater in a week.  The space will be off limits until next fall.


Kristen Berg – A consult for Stan Allen from the MPS Communications Department – doing focus groups at 25 schools to gather information on various forms/types of communications.