Fifth Grade Language Arts

Course Outline 2017-18

Teacher: Val Adams  Room: 208

Telephone: 612-668-1020  Email:


Students will become better readers and writers. The goals are for students to  apply reading strategies within fiction and nonfiction texts.   Students will use a writing process and produce clear and coherent writing according to task.  Students will engage in discussions, demonstrating command of the English Language.  They will present ideas and knowledge. The curriculum will address the Common Core reading, foundational skills, writing, speaking and listening, and language standards.

My expectations of students:

·   Students will know and meet the Marcy PRIDE Expectations

·   Students will ask questions, write, read, take notes, connect inquiries to their lives, and express and present their ideas.

·   Students will work to master learning targets.

·   Students are responsible for bringing all the materials they need everyday and using all classroom equipment appropriately.

What you can expect from me:

·  I will treat you with respect and challenge you to do your best.

·  I will provide meaningful work.

·  I will give you every opportunity for success and prepare you for future learning.

·  I will support your learning in and out of the classroom.


·   Academic grades will be based on: Learning Targets (80%) and Practice (class work/participation/effort, 20%)   

·   Grades will be calculated on the percentage of points you earn: A= 90% and above, B= 80 to 89%, C= 70 to 79%, D= 60 to 69%, F= 59% and below.

·   If a student earns 70% or less on a learning target, they will be provided the opportunity to improve the work outside of school.


  • There will be weekly spelling homework

  • Each evening students are expected to practice their spelling words to prepare for a test on Friday.

  • Other homework may be required.



Please review this syllabus with an adult at home.