6th grade enrichment 2019-2020....

Note: Short Stories Anthologies are at the bottom for the classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025



General Overview of the Year

Quarter 1: Organization- Students will focus on the tools that all middle school students need to stay organized, get work in on time, and feel great and successful with the start of the year.  Students will also learn how to self-monitor for organization. Students will work on Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Students will receive Science class support of the book “Science of Unbreakable Things”. Students will begin their Future City Projects.

Quarter 2:  Future CityFuture City Information for Parents

Quarter 3: Research & Life-Changing Novel- Students will focus on how, where, what, when, and who of research.  How do we find the best information for the project we are working on?  How do we take notes so it is in our own words? How do we apply it to the assignment?  Students will be self-monitoring (organization) with some prompting from teachers. ELA and social justice focus using the book “Touching Spirit Bear”.  Students will create their city and complete their research for future city. Students will present their projects to peers for peer review for competition.

Quarter 4: Creative Writing and BookMaking- Students will focus on looking at books and stories and write their own creative story.  What makes a book great? We will turn our stories into books that we can share with others.  Students can NOT have any late work in any class. Students will be fully independent on self-monitoring for organization and completing their story so it can be published.


Weekly Overview:  This is a general overview.  There will be modifications on short weeks and weeks with interruptions (buddies, field trips, etc)  in them.






◆ Intro to Lesson- these are specific to the skill we are working on for the week.  Ask to see your student’s planner each week for more info

◆ Goal Setting for skill (participation grade)

◆ **Silent Reading- to build stamina.  Students need to bring a book to class to earn full credit. (45 minutes)  

◆ 5 W’s and a Summary - to build comprehension (assignment grade)

◆ Practice Skill from Lesson (assignment grade)

◆ Team Building and  Study Hall (participation grade)


◆ Binder/ Planner Check (binder and planner  grade)

◆ Summarization of the weeks learning through a Skill Reflection and Goal Reflection


Presentations from BestPrep will be embedded throughout the school year.   “BestPrep is a statewide nonprofit organization with a mission to prepare students with business, career and financial literacy skills through hands-on experiences that inspire success in work and life.”

**Students are expected to have an independent reading book with them every Tuesday!  This will help your child build reading

stamina and comprehension skills throughout the school year.


Did you know?:

Holly, Camille, and Stef have written an Action Research Paper for the MPLS District on 5th to 6th grade transition.  Did you know that: 82% of all of our Enrichment Students passed all of their classes, compared to only 58% of the 7th Grade Comparison Group.  The 7th Graders never had a Transition Class. Second Quarter (Nov.-January) is when both the 6th and 7th graders struggled the most.  That’s another research question. We will need family and school prompting of organization  during this time. Third Quarter (Feb.-March) is when both the 6th and 7th graders did their best on their class grade averages. The 6th graders in our Enrichment Class had more turned-in assignments at the end of the school year compared to our 7th grade Control Group.  Again, the 7th Graders never had a Transition Class. We saw substantial gains in bringing and completing their planner and bringing materials to class from Quarter 1 to Quarter  4.


You will  need to monitor the use of the planner, work space, and grades for the first 2 quarters.   From what we have researched, 5th to 6th grade transition is one of the most important indicators of future academic success.   Even if you have the brightest child in the world, please monitor. Sixth grade bodies and brains are beyond organization at some points, especially the beginning of middle school.  These students need help at school and at home in order to be more independent towards the end of the school year.


Short Stories Anthologies for the
classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025


Marcy Open School 6th Grade Short Stories


Each year we published the 6th grade short stories for each grade level. They are pulished at the library and can be checked out through IndieLibrary through Hennepin County Library system. You can read their anthologies here also.  This is a quarter 4 project for the enrichment classes of 6th grade to allow them freedom to write creatively in an open format. It was an amazing project to complete with an each amazing group of students.  Enjoy the read! I did! (Note: They had the choice of writing about anything they wanted with a few (but not many….as you can see from the stories) restrictions.


Class of 2023 and 2025 also have short story volumes published now! Read them on the main page for Holly.


PDF 1st Annual Marcy Open School 6th Grade Short Stories from the Class of 2024   --  This group of short stories was written by a group of amazing 6th graders. They had the choice of writing about anything they wanted with a few (but not many….as you can see from the stories) restrictions.
PDF 2nd Volume of Marcy Open Short Stories   --  Written by the class of 2024! Enjoy!
PDF 3rd Volume of Marcy Open School Short Stories   --  Class of 2025!! Every year has their own flavor....enjoy!!