9-10-13 MOPSC Meeting Minutes


MOPSC Meeting

September 10, 2013


Started the meeting with introductions of participants going around the circle.  Jean Dudley is the co-chair of MOPSC with Shannon.  Shannon would like to share the position with another parent who may have a younger student at Marcy since her child is in 8th grade.

·      Approval of Agenda- Agenda was approved with the edition of the book check out for parents.

·      Approval of Minutes from 5-14-13 – Jean Dudley briefly recapped the minutes from our last meeting.  Minutes were approved.

·      Committee Reports – Elizabeth reported out for the MAP committee.  The first meeting is September 11, 2013 and they will be going over the budget.  Meeting is at 5 PM in room 304.

·      Principal’s Report – The first meeting of the year is usually the biggest of the year so welcome.  We have had a lot of parent participation and we value you that.  Last year we combined our Site Council and Parent Council to one meeting a month.  This has been a great collaboration between parents and Marcy Open staff.  Donna will report the state of the school and things that she hears about from the district.  This is Donna’s 8th year at Marcy and prior to that she worked at Edison.  Working at Marcy has been a great learning experience for Donna as she is learning/understanding elementary.

As a Title 1 school we have had to work hard to ensure that all students have equal access to high quality education.  We are here to prepare all students for college and career readiness.  While past years at Marcy have been different we are moving forward as a group to improve learning for all students. 

We are all moving forward.  Donna would like to set some norms for how we work as a group. 

This year the district gave Marcy a gift of another Assistant Principal.  This was to help us out while Carl Wilson, Assistant Principal, continues his recovery from cancer.  We are happy to have the both here.

Andrew Tralle, our band teacher, has received more instruments from Donors Choose.  This is a website that lets teachers request items for their classrooms and Andrew has worked hard to acquire more instruments so all students who want to be involved in music, they can. www.donorschoose.or

Stephanie Lair, who was a former Marcy student, was the young woman who passed away last week in the tragic accident at the U of M.

The district predicted that we would get 730 students this year.  Our current enrollment is 693 students at Marcy Open School.  This is our highest enrollment numbers that we are aware of. The district is aware of this issue and will be looking at this issue.  We are over in 4th grade, 6th grade, and in middle school.  If we do receive support we have to think strategically on how to use that.

We are thrilled that there are so many families on the waiting list and that families are sharing positive information about Marcy.  We do have some openings in kindergarten. We have 12 spots open in kindergarten.  If you know of families that wanted to get into Marcy for kindergarten, let them know that we have openings. 

The placement center places students at our school.  We take the students who are placed here and we welcome all students.  The district tries to strategically place students based on numbers in the area schools.  Our concerns have been brought up to our area superintended and he is looking into it.  They have opened How school again.  Donna will be attending a principal’s meeting on Thursday and will probably gain more information on the state of the whole district.  There is talk that Minneapolis is getting 1000 more new comers to our area. 

Parents want to know how they can support Marcy and the class sizes.  She suggests they attend a school board meeting or send an email to the school board members.

We are getting a theater make over this year!!  They are renovating our theater.  This is a $750,000 make over for our school.  This will take place April 15th to November 15th.  They will be adding temperature control too in the make over.

We will be getting new bike racks at our building.


·      New Business -

o   Recess/Lunch Schedule and Centers rotation  - Chellie Brown wanted to open a conversation here about 5/6 having 20 minutes for lunch and 17 minutes for recess and this seems short.  Also, centers are on a quarterly rotation so students only get gym one quarter during the year.  This conversation might need to travel in other directions.  Research support physical activity is a positive aspect for students.  She has read articles and watched news shows that have shown how other school districts are doing this.  I understand that this conversation might need to go in other directions.   

o   Donna addressed the concern.  Tammy, the PE teacher, spoke to the need to have students for longer periods of time to meet the grade level standards in each content area. 5th and 6th grade students have 2 hours of Bridges every week that includes lots of movement.  We also have a Responsive Classroom meeting in the late after noon that involves movement.

o   The 5th and 6th grade schedule was adjusted from last year to ensure that we had a block of time for remediation and enrichment for students in need.  We are currently using ST Math to meet these needs.  Middle school is currently offering enrichment and remediation for students.  Our goal is to enhance student academic growth/achievement for all.

o   We could start centers at 1:15 and go to 2:10?  We will look at that with afternoon meeting. 

o   Could the 5/6 team include in their parent communications how Bridges is incorporating movement and how they are including movement in after noon meeting.  Are teachers stopping during classes to give children time to move?

o   As a responsive classroom we are always trying to read the students and incorporate movement and breaks in our day.

o   Tammy is going to start a walking and running club during mornings and lunch/recess time.  This is open to K-8.  They will keep track of their progress with Tammy.

o   Middle school students where held in from recess due to a lack of respect in the lunchroom.  The administration has agreed to avoid that in the future and deal with students who are unable to control themselves in other ways.  We want students to get outside.

o   Flag out front is ripped and dingy looking.  Can we recommend that the school get a new flag?  Donna will work on this.

o   It would be nice if each classroom had a flag in their rooms.  VFWs will possibly donate flags to our school.  Donna will check on that. 

o   The sign on the side of the building has been ripped and it would nice to have it removed.  Donna will request that.

o   Donna would like to have a new “real” sign for Marcy.  Maybe we could fundraise for that.  

o   There is a pod cast of Greg Krueger talking about the history of Marcy open school.  Elizabeth would like to propose that this gets put on the Marcy website.  Donna will talk to Eve about this.

o   ALC is invitation only.  Community Education is open to all.  GEMS/GIES are open to all. 

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