Marcy Open School
Classroom Placement Process Policy

Policy Goal
Marcy Open School uses a classroom placement process to assign students to a two-year classroom experience. It is expected that she/he will remain in that classroom for two years.  The goal of the classroom placement process is to ensure that each team has balanced classrooms in which all children will thrive.  In the best interest of all students, Minneapolis Public Schools require a balanced mix of students in each classroom.

Initial Class Groupings
Each teaching team develops a whole class profile to begin the process.  The team then groups students into classes, considering the following: * Gender balance, *Racial balance, *Social/behavioral balance, *Academic balance, *Special needs balance, * English Language Learners balance, *Peer groupings, *Health considerations.

Student mobility and concerns about specific student relationships that have come to the team’s attention are also considered in the process.  Depending upon circumstances, certain students may or may not be separated.  Teaching teams consider many forms of input from teachers, administrators and parents/guardians.  Attempts to be fair to all students are made. However, because of the complexity of the balancing process, specific requests of any kind are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to honor.

A parent or guardian may provide specific information about his/her child’s unique needs by submitting a Student Information Form.  These forms are distributed by Parent’s Press and are available in the main office each spring and must be returned to the office by the deadline established.  Only the principal will review these forms prior to the beginning of the placement process.

Notice to Parents/Guardians about Classroom Assignments
Factors, such as staff or enrollment changes occurring during the summer, must be considered when assigning students to classrooms. To reduce any confusion, Marcy Open School will notify families the third week in August, via U.S. Mail.

Reconsideration of Classroom Assignments
Parents/Guardians who receive classroom assignments and believe a change is essential for their child to have a successful school year should contact the principal.  The teaching team, in consultation with the principal, will discuss the concerns and make a final determination.  Absent a showing of extraordinary circumstances, initial classroom assignments will remain in place.  The principal will notify the parent/guardian prior to the first day of school.