Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is sharing?

Your child will come home with a sharing schedule each month.  He or she will have a sharing day where they can bring anything from home (no pets, please!) that tells us about themselves and helps us make personal connections.  Sharing day is important!  It gives a feeling of significance, belonging and a chance to speak in front of the class.  Sharing usually starts with " I brought my _________and it is special to me because____________." Then the sharer will be able to call on classmates for questions and/or comments.

Are there report cards?


Students will be sent home quarterly report cards.  The cards have numeric scores, rather than letter scores.

It's important to remember that the report card only provides a “snapshot” of student learning that reflects grade level expectations/standards, student achievement of, and individual progress toward independently meeting expectations, and where help and support are needed.  It in no way replaces teacher and parent communication or fully explains a students' school success.

Learning is the message we wish to communicate to both parents and students. Students should be evaluated on their individual progress toward mastering the standards and skill of their grade level.  Each child learns at their own pace and all progress should be celebrated.


What's the Friday folder?

Every Friday the Marcy Friday folder will come home.  All homework, forms, finished work or important papers will be sent home in the Friday folder.  Please choose a place where this will be kept during the week and help your child remember to return it to school the following Friday.

What if my child is late for school?

Our classroom doors open at 8:30. We take attendance daily by 9:00 a.m. If your child is late, please have them check in at the office to get a pass before coming into the classroom. That way we know that the attendance has been corrected.

What if my child needs breakfast?

Breakfast is available to all students. If a child needs breakfast they should go to the lunchroom to get their breakfasts in the morning before coming to the classroom.  Breakfast is eaten in the classroom.

What if my child needs a school lunch?

Lunch is free for all students. There is a lunch menu online through Mpls Public Schools.   Breakfast is also available to all students each day.

What if I need to pick up my child early from school?

Please email or send a note in advance, or call the office at 612.668.1020. There is a sign-out sheet in the Main Office; be sure to use it when picking up your child.

What if I am picking my child up instead of sending them home on the bus?

Please let us know by email or call the office at 612.668.1020. If possible please come a bit early before dismissal. If we don’t receive notification and don’t see a parent by dismissal we are to send students home on the bus, or their usual mode of transportation.

What if my child needs to ride a different bus home?

Let the office know and a bus pass will be issued. You can call the office by dialing 612-668-1020.

What if my child is too sick to come to school?

Call the health office at 612.668.1045. We want your child to be well and they should stay home if they are too ill.

What if we are going on a trip and my child will miss school?

Call the office and let them know the dates you will be gone. Also e-mail teachers to let us know.

What if we can't afford a school asked-for expense?

Scholarships are available. Absolutely no child will ever be denied an opportunity due to financial reasons.

Can I bring a birthday treat for my child?

Our school policy says: NO SUGARY TREATS! SORRY!  If you'd like to bring a birthday treat, please consider healthful (nut-free) foods like cheese or fruit or consider stickers, pencils, or bring a favorite book to share during read aloud time. Birthdays are a special time for first graders. The class will write a special birthday message for the birthday student.