November 6, 2008
Parent Council Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2008
6:30 pm
Multipurpose Room
Board members present: Sarah Tittle (chair), Bettina Dehnhard. (vice-chair), Lisa Hondros (secretary, leadership representative), Sidney (Marcy family and community liaison); Julia Janousek (parent representative and Marcy Family Network facilitator); Jennifer McComas (parent liaison to leadership)
1.  Green Team Presentation (Paul and Jennifer M)
a.  First meeting held with parents:  working on action steps for energy reduction at Marcy
December 1 at 3:15 staff will meet (open to all)
December 4 at 5:00 parents will meet again
December 15 during the school day - there will be folks at the school engaging with students to increase energy awareness, make bins for second use paper for use at school (parents invited to join), promote agreements with families for things that can be done at home (completed agreement will win student a button and participation in the Marcy Green Team)
b.  Wellness program.  Paul introduced yoga teacher (Sheila Burns). Parents to choose a day, either M, T or Th after school for a one hour class 3:30-4:30 (5-6 classes in a session).  Restorative yoga, powerful way to de-stress.
2.  Budget
Sarah presented proposed budget (see attached)
Proposal:  Any money that comes in over budget to be rolled over into Principal Fund and Special Requests
Is there fundraising fatigue?  Other ideas:  Dowling does a read-a-thon (raises $40,000)
Laura will pursue read-a-thon idea and report back.
Action:  Motion to approve the budget.  Motion seconded and passed.
3.  Officer and Leadership Representative Elections
Elected: Sarah Tittle (treasurer), Lisa Hondros (secretary and leadership rep), Julia J (co-chair), Jennifer McComas (co-chair and leadership rep), Bettina (co-chair)
We need one more leadership representative.  Other parents interested in Leadership: Jenny Shimanski, Amy Meier, Laurie Anderson, Aisling Reynolds, Nancy Rathman, Elizabeth Hawley
4.  Leadership Report
Discussed leadership meeting schedule (1st Monday 5:15; 3rd Monday 3:15) and availability of childcare.  There will be childcare and food at evening meetings.
5.  Principal’s Report (Donna)
Great year so far.  Working on IFL (rigor and accountability)
Somali parent meeting planned for November 25 (tentative date)
Safety:  Diane Schmitz is supervising student patrols; working on pick-up/drop-off and getting cooperation from parents; considering putting kids on buses in safety capacity
Upcoming events:  Marcy hosting Area B meeting on January 15.
Discussion:  January 8 PC meeting will be announced as a Board Meeting (open to all) and instead encourage parents to attend the Area B meeting on January 15.
Everybody Wins program in first and second grade:  corporate reading program, volunteers (US Bank, Gray Plant and Lindquist lawfirms) come to read with student partners.
6.  Special Request: $1000 for IFL for Donna Hoffman
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.?
Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)