April 10, 2012

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting Agenda
April 10, 2012
Media Center
6:00 - 7:30

In attendance: Krista Eduarte, Marvin Boucher, Eve Parker, Carl Wilson, Katharine Tondra, Shannon Williams, Melanie Townsend, Sidney Orchard, Sara Dotty, Elizabeth Hawley, Barbara Reiter, Scott Thorstenson, David Kennedy-Logan, Garrett Petrie, Jean Dudley, and Jackie Dekker-Travis

Approval of Agenda - approved

Approval of March Minutes - approved

Principal's Reports - Carl reported on the spring testing schedule. We have MCA II reading and MCA III math and science. The testing schedule was shared with families. We are asking students to help student be prepared to do their best on these tests. Sidney asked if families would like a copy of the Spring Testing Schedule. Most parents here thought it would be good. Jean suggested that this information could be sent home in newsletters to families. 

Eve's update - The math/science walk-a-thon raised about a $1,000.00 for math and science through this event. Eve and Elizabeth ran this event along with some help from The National Junior Honor Society. If we want this event to continue we need to have some "group" to take this over. Who would take this on? Could it be a math club or group? Is there a middle school group? This is a separate event from the math/science family night. We decided to pair them this year. Is this more appropriate for parent council to take over since it is a fund-raiser? Marvin suggested we contact Armatage about their walk-a-thon since it raises about $15,000 in one Saturday.

This can be topic for the next meeting and for on going planning for next year.

Elizabeth has a pen that lights up that has Marcy Open School in it. Should we get these for the school? They are .59 cents apiece. The kids really like them. Maybe Jean could sell them at a school run store with her autism students.

Committee Meetings:
Open Education - They had a good discussion about open, nominations for open teacher of the year; focus on recognizing the open work happening at Marcy.

Outreach and Diverse Representation - 

Communication - The ABCs of Marcy project is moving along, working on a video for families coming to middle school. We still do a student orientation but families can watch the video from home. We are getting more comfortable with video and it's potential. Could we have weekly podcasts for classrooms to look at instead of announcements? How can we make this easier? Who could take this on? Should it part of Steven's class? Could it be an afterschool class? More teachers are sending their newsletters to Eve and she is posting them to their websites. Most teachers don't have an updated calendar on their webpages. Can we do video tutoring for staff on how to do things on their website? Step by step guides for staff to view on their own time. It was nice to have the bright yellow half sheet with all the events this week. That helped families organize their time this week. Could we have ticker tape on the webpage with the big things for that week to keep families informed? Sometimes it is overload to have too much information. This small yellow sheet was very helpful.

We could start a twitter account that people follow us and we could update folks on events. Garrett would help with this. We need to check if this is legal.

Is the Google family available for families?

New Business - 
Special requests 
• Lisa Bourassa is asking for $100 for her classes monthly visit to senior citizens. - this project will be funded
• Garrett and Rebecca are asking for money for PACER puppet shows. They are also writing grants and might be able to pay back the funds if the grant is awarded. These puppet shows will target certain groups. They need the money to secure spots with PACER. The need $300 or $600 dollars. The committee agrees to fund the project with $600 dollars.
• MAP did not budget enough money for their book keeping cost. They have run out of money and will need about $250.00 for two-months of book keeping costs. The committee will approve this with the condition that it is paid back after the GALA event.
• The annual brick fundraiser is starting next Monday. This is for the labyrinth. Classrooms can raise funds for a brick. There is also a grant that has been applied for and if they get it we will get the project built this summer. This fundraiser will run to the middle of May.
• Elizabeth has been working with Diane and Eve to find a community partner. First Community Church is interested in a partnership with us. They would help with the food for minds, monthly events at Marcy. They could help with transportation of families to this event on Saturdays. Someone's student had volunteered to help with this event at another school and found the Target employees to not be receptive to their help. We would need to verify that Target is okay with this. They would attend a few meetings a year. Elizabeth will move to make this relationship official. It was voted that we want to pursue this relationship.