April 11, 2011 Minutes

Leadership Meeting

April 11, 2011
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In Attendance – Lisa, Sara, Nicole, Barb, Eric, Donna, Elizabeth, Sidney, Teferi, Shannon, Rhonda, Jean D., Rosemary, and Alicia

Approval of Agenda – approved
Approval of Minutes – approved
Committee Reports – none
Unfinished Business –
• Budget update – we have submitted our budget and we are waiting to hear back from the district. They have contacted Donna about one part but it is not final yet. This week we have received a lot of serious emails from Superintendent Bernadia Johnson about the legislature and what we can do to help support our schools. We might want to think about contacting our legislature folks if we feel inclined. There is a debate out there about the integration money. There is talk that it hasn’t gone to the correct groups. In our last two years of receiving integration money we have to fill out forms documenting how we use these funds.
• Classroom Configurations Update – Classroom configuration will stay as they are. A question was asked if we would stay at the same number of rooms we currently have or will there be any changes? Could be changes based on numbers but hoping not to have any changes to team numbers.
• Leadership Representation - Configuration of Leadership for 2011/2012
o The configuration of our Leadership based on our current Constitution (1993) was shared along with other possible configurations.
• K team has no opinion
• 1/2 wants teams represented separate - Option 2
• 3/4 did not discuss this topic
• 5/6 would be hard to be combined with 3/4 team and would like representatives from each team.
• 7/8 would like Option 2 or 4 to make sure each team is represented
• Specialists would like Options that keep the content areas separate and the grade level teams separate
• Parents tend to respect how teachers want to represent their teams, some parents have emailed Sidney with their thoughts on having Option 2 or 4
• Principal would like equal representation; it might be interesting to have 5 at-large staff persons who want to be on this committee and they talk with staff, and then 5 parents.
• This group might be too big for us to accomplish things unless we break down to sub-committees.
• Smaller group might be more effective? Can we accurately represent our staff if we don’t meet as teams?
• All at-large groups tend to represent less than a team member who is your person. Maybe a combination of at-large and team members.
• People should want to be on leadership and maybe cross team representatives would be a good idea. We would need to be able to meet with those across the content areas and grade-levels.
• Many think it would be hard to not meet with your team and have your team represented at the Leadership meeting.
• What about the representation of others besides the staff? What can we do as a committee to get a true representation of our parents, a community member, a student, etc.?
• Is our representation of non-licensed staff to licensed staff equitable?
• SEAs would like to be represented on this committee
• Why are we worrying about the number of students that certain staff work with? How do we balance this?
• Would we have to pay folks for attending this committee? No this is voluntary assignment.
• What about terms and who can serve and for how long? We don’t want to force folks to be on this committee?
o Committee would like to keep each team representatives building Principal, K, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, Content Area Specialists, Specialists Serving Special Populations (autism, ELL, G/T, Speech, SERTS), 2 non-licensed staff (two at-large members), 6 parents (one parent from the special populations? Parent of other student of color? Parent of a Somali student and other 3 at-large), 2 students, 1 business partner, and 1 community representative. With this large of a group we will need to have sub-committees to undertake tasks.
• What would our business partner would? Help with fundraising? Would they donate time? Donate money/supplies? They could bring in their perspective on a topic. They would build a relationship with the school.
• What about the church down the street? Aveda? Lunds?
• Committees within Leadership would take on specific tasks.
• We might need to look at updating the Leadership Constitution since it is from 1993?
• We will have a resolution for terms that list the specific diversity of our student body and have similar representation on Leadership.
o Representatives will take Option 4 back to their teams and we will officially vote at the next Leadership meeting.