April 19, 2013

Happy Friday,

Ok, I have learned my lesson and will not tell you to keep snow clothes at home before spring break because the weather will be nice when we return. I obviously forgot to knock on wood or something. Regardless, It is beautiful to look out at our snow covered trees. My oldest 2 have a snow day today and I have reports that I will come home to a ‘snow village’ in my front yard. How fun.

*Report cards are going home in Friday folders, along with separate comment sheets. Please sign and return in the Friday folder.

Marcy Gala is Saturday, April 27.  This is a huge fundraiser for arts at our school (this is how we had dancing with Robin all fall). Please consider attending.

Thursday, May 30 (8:45-12:00) is our field trip to Kelly farm. Cost is $11 per person and permission slip comes home next week. All volunteers who want to chaperone will most likely be able to this time. 

Monday, June 3: 12:20 is the end of the year play.

Our week at a glance:
Reading: We continued our fairy tale unit by comparing books: character, setting, problem and solution.  Next year we will work on Beginning, Middle, End with 5 different versions of the 3 Little Pigs.

Math: We are continuing to work on addition in math and explaining how we figure things out. We all have different strategies that can help our friends learn when we share them.

Writing: We started writing our fairy tales and have committed to setting, character, problem and solution. Next we just need to stretch it out.

Social Studies: We are still learning about geography and mapping. We are learning about human-made and man-made features and finding them in books we read.  We have introduced the globe and are using maps to find the location of where our fairy tales originated.

Science: We are studying animals (worms, snails, fish and guppies-one fatality)

Next week:  
Monday: Gym, media
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Gym, 
Thursday: Art, Be Safe Bear
Friday: Gym, Big Buddies

Friday Folders- 
Math homework is the same as in the past.
Handwriting homework is enclosed-please observe your child doing this, making sure they use proper strokes.
April Family Home project is enclosed. Have fun with it. Directions are attached. Please be respectful of only using FLAT items as these pages will all need to fit into a binder so they can visit your home. 
Book order is enclosed and due on Friday.
Report cards are enclosed. Please sign the comment page and return in the Friday folder.

Supplies Needed: 
Clorox wipes
white card stock/index paper

Have a great weekend,