April 26, 2013

Happy Open Toe Opener!!!!!

It is official. Yesterday at peace pass I shared that I was thankful that I could wear flip-flops tomorrow (Friday).  It is declared the official ‘open toe opener’ and my toes love it!  

No school on Monday, May 6.

24 more days of school. But who’s counting???

****Supplies Needed: ********
Clorox wipes
White card stock/index paper-8 ½ x 11
Monday, June 3: 12:20 is the end of the year play.

Our week at a glance:
Reading: We are completing our fairy tale, folk tale and fable unit by discovering the author’s message and lesson in each story we study this week.

Math: We are completing our unit on addition and subtraction.  We will be assessing students in small group and one-on-one over the next 2 weeks. We will begin our final unit on growing and shrinking patterns the week of May 7.

Writing: We will complete our fairy tale writing with an author’s celebration on Friday. These will be kept in student portfolios. You will view them on Monday, June 3rd after our end of the year play.

Social Studies: We are completing our geography unit of study. We will begin our unit on ‘My Nation, State and Community’ the week of May 7. 

Next week:  
Monday: Art, media
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Art, May Day
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Art

Friday Folders- 
Math homework is the same as in the past.
Handwriting homework is enclosed-please observe your child doing this, making sure they use proper strokes.
Permission slips are in Friday folders. Please return on Friday.
May sharing calendar is enclosed-students are sharing a talent.
May optional ideas page and the May principal’s challenge is enclosed. 

Have a great weekend,